My name is david sharp from the uk – I have recently set up TH1RTE3N MOTOS specialising in the one off modification of mainly xs650 into café racers and trackers. I hope you  like the sample picture I have sent.


The 1977 xs650 kenny roberts rep flattracker totally road legal and with a twist – you can take ya missis with ya as it is a 2-upper. Again totally concourse and rebuilt all by myself (except the awesome pearl paint – cheers gaz..) over a 2 month period many one-off parts and totally fresh engine.



l@@ks and sounds awesome. As with my HALCO for the “RIGHT” money i may sell here in the uk as i have a few other projects in hand.

All the bikes are for sale to make room for new projects. The halco special is a full fat tony hall 840cc conversion – one of his very last and has only covered 400 running in miles it has then had a no expense spared concours better than new rebuild by TH1RTE3N MOTOS and is unused since completion – unless u have a brand new boxed xs this is THE BEST

Love the site and it will be a previledge for me to appear on there
Kind regards
Dave 13


  1. Joe McNinch says:

    As a flat track enthusiast and fellow XS650 Street Tracker owner, I love the Kenny Roberts replica in the first 2 pictures. Job well done!

  2. Geatrbanger says:

    Nice work David…
    Good to have some shop space filled with bikes.

  3. mookie says:

    lovely builds-
    feeling nostalgic seeing that Reggianni rep in the background…
    owned one for a few years here in Alabama along with a boatload of other exotic grey imports.

  4. fanoboss says:

    ,,,so, does anyone else have an erection right now ? LOL, I’d be set for life with the 840cc !!!

  5. David sharp 13 says:

    Really appreciate the positive comments.
    You can follow me and my builds on FACEBOOK page David Sharp

  6. El Gaucho says:

    Well, I’m a sucker for the circa 1977 yellow and black/white paintjob. My first bike ever was a 1977 YZ80D with that paint. If I could find another one…….

  7. Stephen hawking says:

    Lovely bikes David very impressed David have you seen the new r8 David very impressive David can we meet up David I think I love you david

  8. Wow beutiful work, Very professional, but I see thats your real work also. I love the detail on every thing, have you thought of making a chopper instead of a cafe racer, with your art and incredible skills I,m sure you’d knock it out of the park. I’ve built 1 xs650 ( and 1st bike)and am looking for a camera for good pictures before I post it. I have a question, I was watching a bike restoring tv show and briefly they showed a small high speed air tool with something like a blue plastic 3 inch round polishing tool for aluminium. It seemed fast and did a good job. Do you have any knowledge or tricks, trick tools for polishing aluminium.I spent three weeks polishing my wheels and covers and they never shined like yours.Or anyone on this site, in need of knowldge Roger and out!!!!

  9. Fanoboss says:

    Roger there are some great videos on youtube. Use “how to polish aluminum parts” as a search and you will have many to choose from.

  10. Thanks Bro after an hour on utube , Igot a lot out of it. But still I hope to see a 650 chopper from your shop.Work of lov an out!!!