Ryan – The bike is built with MCW’s usual style they are known for. It is painted 3 shades of black- flat, matte, gloss.

Every part on the bike is fresh and new, and either painted or powder coated. Top end is fresh and is ready to ride. It is as bare-bones as a bike gets.



Long live the XS, and Thanxs everyone for your support

MCW Racing
ryan- owner/ fabricator


  1. Tebo says:

    Did you fab the tail section? It looks kinda like an “Ard-tail” What kind of tank is that? And were you able to keep the top motor mounts? Where did you get the discs? Is that a kit from Omar’s on the rear? Nice tires. Looks like it’s ready for the track. Excellent job. Very well executed.

  2. MCW Racing says:

    No the hard tail and all other fabrication is our own. Everything is made in house that we are capable of making. Tank is lowbrow, fender is gas works. Rest is MCW. Thanks for asking

  3. BUSTER says:

    black is the new red !

  4. pratstyle says:

    Another great build from you Ryan.. keep em coming . can’t wait to see the next one. Wish your other builds could be posted on this site.

  5. Great Dane says:

    Baffled Straight Pipes or Just Free Flowing ” Wake The Dead ” ?

    Compression Ratio ?

    Altitude & Carb and Jetting Intel Please ?

    Great Dane @
    Indian Creek Ranch
    Southern California

  6. remko says:

    Nice and clean bike !!!
    So close to perfect…….

  7. El Gaucho says:

    oh yeah. nice and crisp. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with black.

  8. Dirtdobber says:

    Another bada$$ xs650, I miss mine. Great bike man, anything named after a Metallica song is got to be cool as hell, you definitely lived up to brother.

  9. dex82 says:

    very nice. clean. love the p-nut tank, have used them on my last two builds (xs650 and a shovelhead) and they just look super cool. and the price is absolutely right when you consider the quality. no thin guage metal there. just don’t pass by too many gas stations drop seat seems to be your trademark and probably the best lines i’ve seen for it

  10. Rick says:

    What did that gas tank come off of? Sweet bike. I like that shorty tank.

  11. dex82 says:

    he said the tank is from lowbrow. several suppliers carry them, think they’re made by cleveland cycle werks but could be wrong, retail is about 159.00 from lowbrow, nice product

  12. William A. says:

    What a great bike! A perfect.simple,clean design and execution.
    I love the different shades of black.

    Well done!

  13. Joey says:

    Thanks! Guess the photoshoot I told you about that I did for this website was a waste..Now instead of some great pics of the bike you got your crappy cell phone pics of it…geez..

  14. MCW Racing says:

    These pics were sent in well before you did your “shoot”. They were sent in as it sat in my shop for 6 months collecting dust. Be pissed if you want, but really, I don’t care. Sorry to sound like a Dick about it, but get your facts before you speak

  15. dex82 says:

    thought the pics looked pretty good………………

  16. Rick Strassburg says:

    If those are “crappy cell phone” pictures, what kind of cellphone is it. I’d like to get one, too. It’s one f the nicest looking XS650’s I have seen.

  17. GUY says:


  18. Chris says:

    Wow! Unbelievably cool. Dig the total throw back look. I have a couple of questions:
    1-what tires are those…they look perfect
    2-where are the reservoirs for the disc brakes?

    Keep up the good work!


  19. Abel says:

    How much in american dollars ?

  20. misfitskinny says:

    Another great build Ryan.