77′ Resto/Mod


1977 resto/mod daily rider.  took 2″ off top of seat foam and reused seat cover,  1.5″ out of center stand,  10.5″ rear shocks honda copies,  chromed front fork lowers,  aftermarket os front brake rotor, cocktail shakers current,  still have headlight to mount (will get rid of ears),  and new tail light that will be side mounted. 




Neil Carpenter


  1. fanoboss says:

    hell yes, I love low riders.. GREAT JOB !

  2. buster says:

    nice find !…………. now chop that sucker dude !

  3. Grumpy says:

    Nice & simple!! Love it

  4. Neil Carpenter says:


    Thanks all. Here’s a vid on youtube it’s titled – 77′ XS650 resto/mod

    Thanks again

  5. Gearbanger says:

    Nice piecr of work. 2 into 1 pipe looks boss!!!

  6. Schmeel says:

    Thanks for the kind all

    There’s a video on you tube under same header (77′ XS650 resto/mod) channel- OneEyeRacing. Check it out

  7. bluesgrinder says:

    Hey bro, you did a lot more to this bike than one sees off the batt, mwhere did you get that front fender with out the braces? I love the lowering with the honda shock, great paint. Did you use EPOs with your exhaust, if not hows you bottom end at or responce.The bike has such a great stance compared to stock. Nice joB

  8. El Gaucho says:

    I agree. Love the cocktail shaker pipes.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Don’t you dare chop this, it’s nicer than 80% of the hacks on here

  10. Jeff says:

    What kind of front brake rotor r u runnin? Looks rad! Who’s it from?

  11. Neil says:

    Front fender without supports is a stock fender.
    No EPO’s, bottom end is strong and response is crisp. (Stock jetting if I remember correctly).

  12. Neil says:

    Front brake rotor is a floater from Mikesxs