“Ophelia”~ She may not be to pretty, but she’s a hell of  a ride!

William – This is a 1979 XS650 affectionately known as “Ophelia.” She has a TC Brothers hard tail kit, a stripped bare frame and tank. The tank, chain tensioner and sprung seat from Monstercraftman. The headlight and bars are unknown and used from a pile of parts. The mids are used rear sets from a GSXR750 racebike (I think). The pipes are welded from a universal kit. Wheels are the stock mags painted black.


Lowered forks and brakes are stock front and rear discs with steel braided lines. The motor is stock XS650 (for now) with a Pamco hall effect sensor setup with “Ultimate Coil” and a Hughs Handbuilt PMA. It’s “Kick Start” only with a small 12V battery in the fake oil tank under the seat. He features a hand fabbed a “Jockey Shifter” setup with a foot operated “Suicide Clutch.” Ophelia is not ver pretty but she’s a blast to ride and is very reliable.



  1. Jamie Arceneaux says:

    I think she is beautiful.

  2. superGino says:

    this woman has aged well …, why do you say that she is not beautiful? seems to be the madam of a brothel down to the harbor

  3. fanoboss says:

    I am a James Dean fano and I believe that he’d love this bike. I sure do.

  4. El Gaucho says:

    Rear fender aside, I think the bike is right in every way. Just never been a fan of trailer fenders on bikes.

  5. WIlliam A. says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments. “El Gaucho” I agree with you. Because I don’t consider “Ophelia” finished (Are they really ever finished?), I will be putting on a 19″ front mag on the rear using Omar’s Dirt Track Racing Inc’s 19″ Rear Wheel Conversion Kit along with a more appropriate tire hugging cycle fender. I will also drill “Speed Holes” on both mags for a more custom look.

    Later on as funds allow I will install a Hughs Handbult Rephased 277 Engine.

    The obsession goes on and on…….

  6. Happy Hal says:

    Righteous…as a “work-of-art-in-progress”, you seem (to me at least) to have nailed it first time. Of course you are gonna make changes…Hell, everyone with this addiction have the compulsion to “work out those last few defects”…Ophelia is, by all reckoning, a serious bitch that only a certain kind of man can ride, ride well, and have the time of their life doing it. Enjoy her for as long as you can, man.

  7. El Gaucho says:

    Word. If I had money I’d be picking up a HHB rephased enfine myself!

  8. Murphy says:

    Hey man, love it! I have an xs400 here in vancouver bc. xs650 are so rare up here. and when one is up for sale, way to expnesive. so the 400 will do fot now!

    I have to ask, where on earth did you get the fork boots?!? I can not find that style anywhere!


  9. William A. says:

    I wish I could tell you Murphy. Those boots were on the bike when I bought it.
    I am sure someone, somewhere has to sell them.
    If I find out, I will let you know.