PDX Strip Down


Danny D – This little ’79 Tracker/Bobber/? was a very fun but frustrating build.  The build started with a very good running, very stock looking XS.  One night of drinking and ignition issues and ended up taking the bike home in pieces in the back of a Subaru Wagon.  I through it in a rubbermaid shed and there it sat for a year.  The next summer I begged a good friend of mine (and awesome fabricator) if I could build this thing in his single car Belmont Street Garage (if you know Belmont, you know that a single car garage is the size of a janitors closet.)  I stripped the frame to bare bones.  Cutting off every little mount, brace, tab, etc.  My goal was simplicity and raw, but fully functional and legal.  noid-IMG_3946-600x331

Chose to start with a flat brown frame. Front end is mostly stock, painted and shaved some Renthal Handlebars, 5/8″ turn signal marker lights, and added a Harley Sportster headlight and mirror. Tank is stock as well, used some aircraft stripper to remove the existing paint, clear coated it, added some non vac petcocks, and through the badges back on.  Engine is stock internals, painted black exterior, carbs are upsized Mikuni’s.  Has stock headers heat wrapped, with Shorty Mufflers.  Put in a Pamco Ignition, Hughes Handbuilt PMA kit, and wired everything in frame with a custom fuse box.


Rear end has a KZ 550 shaved down fender with slim tail light fab’ed underneath, has matching 5/8″ turn signal marker lights, shocks are aftermarket but don’t know brand. Fab’ed some old Harley folding pegs on back for passenger.  Battery box is made of sheet metal with custom mounts.  Made the seat pan and had wrapped with mushroom color Ostrich leather.  Tires are Bridgestone Battle Ax.  That’s about it, thought i’d share my build with the world.  Feel free to contact me for anyway questions and hope you enjoy the pics!  Special thanks to Jeremy Kreiger for the help and supplies, you’re the man buddy!


  1. CruzBoos says:

    Yo Danny. Not trying to be mean here since everybody needs an XS in their life. You’ve got some more work to do with this bitch. She may be running but she has a long way to go. We all have to pay tribute to the asphalt gods, so spend a little more time and sacrifice her on the alter of vibration.

  2. Ben says:

    Nice first effort. If it’s what was in your mind’s eye, you achieved your goal. My only comment from reading ‘through’ your comments, is if you throw some in the shed or on the bike, proper tense of throw is threw. Not through. 🙂

  3. dex82 says:

    veddy interestink……….you obviously put some time and effort into the build. colour complements the style, and the background in the photos. so oddly enough, while she’s not wholly my style, she looks like she’ll fit into her environment perfectly. if that’s what you were trying to achieve, you did it

  4. mookie says:


  5. Barney says:

    I like what you did with the tank. The bike is not a bobber though.

  6. brendan_mp says:

    If your bike was a girl I would give her about a 5. A little makeup (color) some tight jeans to make her ass pop (seat) and she would be an 8 or 9 (in my book). Like the shorty mufflers, the tank, the head lamp, the tires, but it’s more of a hybrid Cafe Bobb Rat. And your bike reminds me of a fat chick… You don’t want your friends to see her, but she’s fun to ride.

  7. Joseph Von Zipper says:

    Looks like something anybody would of done back in the early 80’s.Not much of anything really.Just enough for it to run and all your stoner friends,after a few bowls and a couple beers ,it looks tight.

  8. Joseph Von Zipper says:

    Looks like something anybody would of done back in the early 80’s.Not much of anything really.Just enough for it to run and all your stoner friends,after a few bowls and a couple beers ,it looks tight.

  9. Pickles says:

    Personally, I really like it. The color scheme, the seat, the bars, the shocks; killer! Low budget, and garagebuilt! I’m sure over time, you won’t be able to leave it in it’s current state, and she’ll go through mods. Steelbraided brake lines would look killer, and lose the toolbag (looks a little outta place).

  10. Sears says:

    Nice Shocks !!

  11. RJ from the ole school says:

    “Hey,,I like it,,Jack! ” as Uncle Si Robertson would say,,,” Rule # 1 in building bikes,,,build what you want,,dont give a spoke what anybody else likes”,,,I see dual disc brakes,,,roundside Mikunis,,air adjust rear shocks,,shorty mufflers,,trick rear finder work and cool front fender,,,modern streetbike tires,,,and a two up seat ,,,(most females wont ride on back of a rigid but once,,,then go lookin for a dude with softail bike with softer pad),,,” Hey,,,they aint stupid”,,,( Uncle Si again),,,,good choise on electrics,,,nothin wrong with this bike,,,,some folks got Sportster tank-Hardtailitus,,,but dont worry,,its not catchin!

  12. CruzBoos says:

    I just can’t help but to reply in this case. I don’t like to belittle anyone because I don’t like to be done the same thing. I saw your babe waiting for someone to say something for days and its like no one knew what to say. Well… I’m glad I got the ball rollin. I guess that it’s hard to react to the norm when Ted presents some amazing beauties that roll through this site. Anyway… you have a living, breathing and rolling doll that just needs some more attention to get more attention if thats what you are looking for. If not, just keep strumming her strings and enjoy the music that she makes in response to your touch.

  13. Jack Gilbert says:

    I’ve built three different XS650s in the last year. The side covers you made are very much like those on a street tracker we built last summer. I have to tell you that the short exhaust you have might look cool, but it’s not good for your engine. Get a good exhaust before you burn a valve. Just a bit of friendly advice, bro.

  14. turdherder says:

    Differnt strokes for differnet folks and so on and so on and scooby dooby dooby (Sly and the Family Stone 1968). Whether I or anybody likes or dislikes what you build stay true to your heart, gut and vision. Build what moves you and be proud! Congrats on your first build!!!!!

  15. Surfskateride says:

    I rode this bike and it was real fun! Good work dude!

  16. Bluesgrinder says:

    Its got it own look, I’m see alot of work with out the $5,000 budget. Put this bike up next to a stock 650 and it makes the stock one look bad and you’ll see how much you like this one has its own life now. My 1st changes to mine was I built steel side cover and bought some bullet holes that helped, but now she been attatacked with a sawsall ,grinder, wire wheel, weilder and a bunch of ohhh s— what did I do.A lot of Blues Mojo and snake charmin persistance ,fixin1st timer mistakes,spendin my paycheck and pollishing and sanding dreaming,fabbin and well she gonna be brought back to life from a rusty bucket of oxsidized alluminum gas chuggin rollin rubber.

  17. Nate says:

    Hey man at least he built something. I thought that was the whole point of this site. Danny hit me back well go riding sometime, im out in hillsborro.

  18. David Castro says:

    I completely love this bike man. I bought mine some 3 months ago and now is in the process of being overhauled.

    After watching thosands of xs600 on the internet i decided to go for a look very similar to this. I’ve only seen a couple more i think. Mine is a 79 special, went for the dirtrack handlebards instead of the clip ons it has now, bought on ebay some used 73 handle bar clamps which are way cooler than 79s, vintage black grips. Gonna strip the tank down as well. Mikuni vm34 carbs. No front fender, also putting some big fat pirelli scorpion mt on this bitch. Perfect for driving the roads on my beautiful Costa Rica.

    Just not a big fan of these type of seats and those sidecovers. Remove those and show some big red k&n filters!

    Hope to post my bike on the site soon.


  19. David Castro says:

    Oh i forgot. Some fork gaitors, chain tensioner, headlight grill will complement this bike perfectly. Adding those to mine too.

    Way to go Danny, keep up the good work on this beauty. I know what you have in mind and share the feeling.

    David Castro