Victor – This was my first build and I could not be happier with it.  It’s a 1978 XS650 that I purchased in Laredo, TX.  I started working out of my shed and later worked out of the Cycle Shop in San Benito, TX, with Wayne and Seth Ruhe (big thanks to Wayne, Seth, Possum, Mr. Mike and Guzzi Pat). The hard tail is from TC Bros Choppers and they were very patient with all my questions and I now own a 6 pack of TC Bros drink cozies, thanks Tyler.  All the paint on the bike is powder coat and came out great (thanks for the lessons Wayne).  I shaved the upper triple tree, forks and left engine case and added solid aluminum risers and starter block off.  


I fabricated all the brass on the bike after making my exhaust tips; I got brass fever I guess.  As my first build it seemed like I did every thing two or three times so I have enough parts left over to make at least two more bikes!  She runs great and starts conversations where ever I take it.  I own several bikes but love riding this one the most.  The photos were taken by a friend at Wiskey Tango Photography.


Some of the parts off the top of my head;  TC Bros Choppers- hard tail, neck gussets, wire harness, regulator rectifier, throttle, exhaust builders kit, fender and tank, bearings and chain.  Lowbrow Customs- Wires, tail light, rear master cylinder, plate holder, and lots more.  Monstercraftsman chain tensioner and solid aluminum risers.  650 Central-oil filter modification and minimalist battery.


The tires are Firestone Gum Dipped from Cocker Tire and the rear sprocket was custom made by Rebel Gears.   Big thanks to all the guys above who actually answer the phone’s and talk XS with you. And of course Mike’s XS for every thing I couldn’t find somewhere else or make.

The best part of building this bike was all the friends I built along the way, thanks guys!

Victor Hugas


  1. dex82 says:

    looks good, like the pipes. probably one of the reasons you like riding this one best is you built it………..always gives a person a little overdose of adrenalin, especially the maiden voyage. who needs drugs, build a bike

  2. Vic says:

    Thanks Dex

  3. Grumpy says:

    Iove the bike! Did you get the exhaust pipes from Mikes XS??? I recently got a 2 into 1 system from Mikes & it doesn’t fit…………………

    But I do like the bike! Great Job………….

  4. Topspeed674 says:

    Thats a good looking machine! Love that color!

  5. tucker1 says:

    That’s what it’s all about! Learning and meeting all the interesting people along the way. I agree, TC Bros are super cool guys that will take the time and answer all questions. Great Bike.

  6. vic says:

    No I made them, I used the TCBros pipe builder kit and it worked great. The tips I milled and drilled out of brass stock.

  7. Josh says:

    Nice job. Looks great. What kind of oil filter set up is that?

  8. Vic says:

    The oil filter is from 650 Central. It uses a fram filter you can buy locally. The modification consist of filling the old cover screw holes with JB Weld and drilling holes and tapping them to secure the filter adapter. The filter fits right on the old cover mounting surface. Simple modification and works great. I believe it also helps to keep the oil cooler because it is in the breeze.

  9. El Gaucho says:

    Nice! Love the tips.

  10. CruzBoos says:

    NICE! This babe certainly is “bleu” for you and hopefully will never give you blueballs. I’m a believer in keeping my babes cool when I decide to push them a little faster on the tarmac and would just die to see some injected fuel afterburning from your exhaust tips. Keep her purring till then.

  11. Pickles says:

    The brass accents are a nice touch.

  12. rogercoleman says:

    I love to see 1st time builders, the proffesionals better get it right thats what they do. Yours looks like it could be done by T C Bros.Your bike colars are different, I would not thought of brass and blue goin together , this worked. Blue top of the head black on the cylinders nice transition. How does it ride? The colar scheme also give it a stripped down more raw feel, for a chopped hard tail thats good. How about the air ride on the seat ,does it work good? I need a alternater, chain cover mine has a crack in it. Have great chopper dreams! Roger and out!

  13. Vic says:

    The bike rides great. It actualy has a softer ride than my wife’s Harley Nightster which has rear shocks. It has all new bearings and newer sealed bearings in the neck which make it handle better. She turns fast and smooth. There is alot of TC Bros influence in the bike because alot of the parts came from them and they were nice enough to talk to me and answer my questions. Also this bike is all powder coat which I did and now enjoy doing. The pictures actualy dont do it justice. I have several Harley Davidsons (new and old) and an old Ducati however when its time to go on the sunday breakfast run, this is the bike that usual rolls out of the garage. Last year at Just Kickers Bike Festival (Davis OK, April 25th) there was only two of us on XS650 and everyone loved to see them and made note of all the hard work that went into building them. Awesome event to go to.

  14. rogercoleman says:

    Nice thanks for the reply. Iwas wrong you have springs under the seat not a air ride.I thought powder coating was some thing they put into a booth and electrically charged. My bike I tore all the way down and lowered the seat with my own tubing, I don’t like the brat tubing plus everyone else is using it. New tank,and seat are fabed on,I,m working on the front control linkage. Anyways I think you knocked it out of the park. I want mine to look good and raw not a rat bike but not to elabrorate or a show bike, I will be riding it .If get a scratch I don’t want to worry about it.

  15. Boon UK says:

    Tangled up in blue, I could look at this all day.

  16. Vic says:

    Powder coat is done by electrically charging or static charging the metal and then spraying it with powder coat at a low PSI with powder coat gun. It’s actually pretty easy to do you just have to have an oven big enough to heat the item in. I used the powder coat for the same reason; I wanted it to be durable. I was going to paint or gold leaf over the top but was happy with the way it turned out so I left it.

  17. Vic says:

    Thanks Boon, I just completed a 1968 Ducati Scrambler resporation which is posted on Whiskey Tango Photography facebook. You might like it also. I am currently working on a 1977 Harley Shovelhead bobber which will probable have this blue on it also, I have alot of it left over.

  18. Mgmue says:

    Lovely bike. Will you share the stretch & drop in the rear? Also, I assume the front was dropped too – or is it the stock length?

  19. Vic says:

    The rear is a TC Bros weld on hard tail. The neck is stock with weld in gussets and I shaved the forks and triple trees and rebuilt the forks. They are the stock length. Thanks for the comment.

  20. robert says:

    Would you mind giving me all the details on the tire sizes please,I’m currently building 2 1980 xs 650s,one with mags and one with spokes,really like the tire set upper in the mags!awesome build!thanks a bunch!

  21. Vic says:

    The tires are Firestone Deluxe Champion from Cocker Tire. The rear is 5.00-16 and the front is 4.00-19. They are mounted on stock XS 650 rims which I bead blasted and powder coated V-Twin black. The set up rides great turns outstanding. The thick tires also soften the ride. Thanks for looking.

  22. robert says:

    Awesome!thanks for the info,super appreciate it!