Bare Necessities

Joel – I bought this bike for $600 in boxes. It came with a boyer ignition and mikuni carbs. I didn’t know if it would run but decided to give it a shot. I slammed the front end 3”. I hard tailed and stretched the rear end 4”. I seen years ago joe wiseguy powder coated some mags with spots on them so I decided to drill them and chamfur them. I did it with a cordless drill in the driveway.

They balanced right, out no weights needed on the rim. The ball came from Pandemonium choppers. He is a great guy and not afraid to help you out if you have some questions. The vertical bottle is a fuel cell. It holds about 1/2 gal of gas if you run out you have a reserve. The tank is a $25 wassle tank that should have been throwed away. I had to cut out a bunch of brazing that was nasty.

we widened the tank a couple inches,added the frisco bungs and the crown fuel spout. I also added a pamco charging system. If you haven’t done this spend the money. It is well worth it. I just put this high dolla “$7” paint job on it the other day. I wanted it to look like an old piece of crap. I think I achieved that. lol Here is a little video of the bike in detail.

Well thanks for looking and chop on!

Joel Mekolites



  1. CruzBoos says:

    Good job on the dry brush. She certainly looks her age.

  2. El Gaucho says:

    Now that has some character!

  3. pjbii says:

    I think you missed the mark on it looking like a piece of crap. I think it looks bad ass, Nice build dude, killer bike

  4. Brian says:

    Killer bike man, you are very talented. Each bike you built has been spot on. Good job!

  5. joel mekolites says:

    THANKS GUYS. I am still up in the air on the paint. im not used to this type of paint. I will probably tear it down and put a kandy gold flake paint job on it.

  6. Deweychop says:

    Well done on the wheels. I’m a rat bike kinda guy, so I really like the paint as is

  7. joel mekolites says:

    Yea really like how much better the mags look

  8. Matt Dunn says:

    Sure those mags are safe? Haha pretty sure I tattooed you up in traverse city!

  9. tadd442 says:

    Awesome as usual man….but why did you mount the chain tensioner backwards?

  10. joel mekolites says:

    matt that was gabe you tattoo’d he bought the green bike from me. tadd i think i mouted it right it keeps flipping back. i need to take a 1/2 link out of the chain.

  11. fanoboss says:

    Cool bike and the rims look great. You have a definite style. I liked the raw look in the video the best.

  12. mcw racing says:

    Nice job Joel, looks great

  13. paydirt says:

    Joel, this is the first bike I’ve seen that prompted me to leave a reply. I think the paint job is exactly what I want on the ’81 I’m building right now. What did you use. I am also curious about your reserve tank. Did you need to install a fuel pump to pull the gas up from such a low mount?

  14. tadd442 says:

    I see…..that would do it!

  15. tadd442 says:

    I’ve lost count of how many different bikes you have posted on here, but the 2 tone blue one with the star on the tank is THE bike that got me hooked on these….Thanks for that.

  16. joel mekolites says:

    thanks guys i tore the bike apart yesterday. i stripped it all down and i am starting to get it ready for paint. I blacked out the front end. polished all the body parts back up. i am going to shoot the candy gold over them. then truck bed liner the frame it will look like the brass balls bike.

  17. Joe McNinch says:

    Where did you get those air cleaners? they look awesome. Great job, and i agree with everybody else, paint looks great.

  18. joel mekolites says:

    i got the velocity stacks from 650 central

  19. Ted says:

    It’s definitely a different style than your other bikes. It has a lot of cool details. I dig the beartrap foot pegs.

  20. Shad says:

    I’m curious why 47 , my friends and I have a thing for that number , it’s a infinite number , why did you choose 47 , great bike like the mags

  21. PlugHead says:

    Nice build, I usually don’t like drop seat bikes but this thing sweet.

  22. joel mekolites says:

    well i tore the bike apart to repaint and found the frame had cracked. it was right where the rear hardtail tied back into the backbone. we reinforced the area should be good to go now. I put a ground metal brass paint job on it. and sparayed the frame with truck bed liner. looks cool caint wait to put it back together.

  23. pickles says:

    Candy gold mega-flake?! Yes!

  24. Mikey-O says:

    Out of curiosity, is this a custom tail or pre-fab? Im looking for something similar, love the way she sits. Nice build bro!

  25. JOEL MEKOLITES says:

    I SEEN MCW RACING BIKES AND REALLY DIGGED THEM. i made it myself get ahold of them they will hardtail it for you. look up mcw racing on facebook.

  26. nobody says:

    Its funny how most everyone it seems, wants to put their bikes out there and not learn anything about tuning the motors. The tuning on these things is easy once you learn how it runs. So many people on here dont sync the carbs or set the timing right, and you can here it when they crank it up and take off (and yes, even on video, you can tell if its tuned). You guys want to build bikes, even as a hobby (which most if not all on here are) then learn how to do some motor work. Or at the very least, pay someone to do it!

  27. Joel mekolites says:

    Hey thanks.for taking.the time to tell me what you think you know. I made that video with an old low def phone. The timing was.dead nuts. The carbs were jetted and synched. The bike always started on the first kick. Never missed a beat. must of ran pretty good first guy that came and looked at it bought it. It got 50 mpg and I had rode it on a 4 hour round trip.

  28. Joel mekolites says:

    Hey BRO thanks for taking the time to diagnose my motorcycle off the little crappy video with about 10 sec of hearing what the bike sounds like when it first started up. You da man.

  29. nobody says:

    hahahahahahahahah………………i love getting under peoples skin.

  30. tadd442 says:

    Teebs is back.

  31. owen says:

    hey there, where did you get the bottle to carry extra gas, ive been searchin everywhere :/ oh and how did you attach it, its really cool, cheers owen

  32. owen says:

    where did you get the fuel cell, ive been lookin everywhere, i used a flask but just not the same look, please, its killin me 🙂 owen

  33. owen says:

    hey there, where did you get the fuel cell, luv it

  34. Joel mekolites says:

    Fuel cell off Ebay goto Ebay motors motorcycle parts and acc. Type in fuel cell