Mix between race and chop – from Holland.

Rik = How it drive’s: Steers like a razor knife, engine is doing the job very good. After 50 miles you need a cup of coffee to relax your bud. Time to build: 1.5 year, I take it easy to collect the right spares, and think of the right ideas to build it.



Engine: Overhauled by my self completely with help from.. (Heydentuning.com)for the parts I needed. New big cylinder kit 650 cc xs performance. Boyer ignition. New dynamo 100amps. Carbs Keihin pwk 32 mm rebuild for 4-stroke engines (kit from Heyden tuning) Etc, etc.



Wheel Drummers and rim’s: Suzuki double leading shoe in the front, fender rear from an road star front fender completely rebuild. Front: double leading shoe from Suzuki with speed holes. Rear: original xs with speed holes. Both spokes in an 16 inch alloy rim. Tyres; Shinco 5.00×16.



Tank: Sportster completely rebuild, gas cap comes from a jerrycan, smoothed. Tank is coming from a Harley Sportster, only the shell is original i made the tunnel by my self .



Saddle: Hammered by my self with old leather finish from a saddle bag connected with copper nails.


Handlebars and front: Clippons with leavers from Oldinglish bike. Tripple tree shaved, suspension lowered.


Build by my self: Everything…………. Wheels I let spoken, and frame is a Zodiac with a little restyle by my self.


Paint job: In the garage, after sanding and polishing.


I hope that it is enough information an the pics must be good I think. I take the foto’s with an oldskool camera.

See yah, Greets….Rik…. from Holland.

xs650 tanktop
xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana