1979 XS650 (100% Powder, no liquid paint)


Hello… Update on the XS650 bike post, this bike will be used to display my powder coating work, but also will definitely be a rider. I took this bike the the midwest bike show in Sioux City, IA, won 2nd in the bobber division, with it not being completely done. I still have wiring to do, and also new sprocket to put on.


Completely disassembled, TC Bros Hard Tail Welded on, powdered frame and wheels in flat black, tins in granny smith green, bars custom made, all new bearings, rotar centers granny smith green, as well as oil tank, calipers rebuilt, powdered in flat black, lowers rebuilt powdered in granny smith green, seals, tires, seat custom made of leather, 2 into 1 intake added with 36mm VM Mikuni carb.


I will send final pictures and you tube posting when have the wiring complete and firied up! (www.millerspowdercoating.com)


Hats off to Ted, love this site!

Travis Miller (Miller’s Powder Coating)


  1. migustigus says:

    So tell us about the carb setup…

    Looks great!

  2. 2 into one intake, ceramic coated, 36mm mikikuni round slide, jetted for the pipe and air setup…ask more questions, would love to help!

  3. Barney says:

    Do you have a transparent red powdercoat paint? Can you get metalflake in powdercoat?

  4. migustigus says:

    Yes you can get metalflake in powder.. It looks amazing! I think Travis might just be the guy to contact to do it too!

  5. sean from boston says:

    Still cant get over that last name! great powder work!

  6. Travis says:

    Yes I do have transparent powder, that i can shoot over raw steel, aluminum, silver (chrome) powder, as welll as flakes I can add into a clear coat powder.

  7. The Flying Imp says:

    I love the green man great job all the powder work looks amazing.

  8. fanoboss says:

    I love the colors…would love to see the wheels green too !

  9. dirkaDur says:

    SOOO SEXY boing

  10. fanoboss says:


  11. Denver666 says:

    Hows it run with the pipes that short?

  12. TM says:

    have not fired yet, but do plan to jet accordingly….I do have baffles installed in each pipe to create some level of back pressure for tuning, will post when I fire it up.

  13. norm younger says:

    Great looking bike. Let us know how it runs with pipes that short.

  14. TM says:

    Here is a link, first fire up….it has short baffles in pipes, to help w/back pressure.