1979 “Miller’s Powder Coating” Show Bike – In progress


This is my 5th bike this year, not sure I will get it completely done to say it was my 5th bike completed. Anyway, 1979 XS650, TC Bros Hard Tail, FINKIN custom leather seat, Custom Bars, Custom Rear Fender, I have all of the tins off now powder coated in grannys smith green.


I plan to use this at bike shows to show my custom powder coating business. (www.millerspowdercoating.com) More to come!




Travis Miller


  1. frank says:

    trust me fellow xs650 builders,this guy is great,his tanks fit my 72 frame perfect and the powder coat is wonderful,and he is fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks again travis

  2. tadd442 says:

    Where are you operating your business?

  3. sean from boston says:

    I like the last name!! looks good so far keep it up

  4. HAPPY DAN says:

    Nice lookin powder.

  5. e says:

    tank looks familiar. are you the same guy selling these on ebay?

  6. yes, I have two tanks posted on eBay, my actual shop is located in rural south dakota. I do business with folks all over the US, does some workf or Canada and have shipped as far as Argentina. My business is a part time, licensed business, sort of like the full time job I want to have (work every night and nearly every weekend) on powder, just not ready to toss my day job out quite yet. I love building bikes, I love even more helping others build their bikes by offering superb powder coating to help those individual builders create their master piece! Thanks for all of the comments everyone!