XS Destroy


Well, I just completed my second XS build, its everything I wanted and more.  I picked the bike up early February of this year.  My first build was very mild and the plan was to dig in a little deeper this time.  My recent obsession with bratstyle insprired me to go that route with this bike considering it had the mags (I prefer spoked wheels with a hardtail, which is next).  


I started collecting and gather parts such as the tank off of Craigslist and ordered numerous new parts too.  Such as, TC Bros bars and bates style headlight, solo seat that we did a suicide hinge with, new cables, Model-A taillight, and the typical jets and seals from Mikesxs.  I give all the credit for the rear frame section to my good friend Ray that is a magnificant metal fabricator.  I had the idea and direction and he made it happen.  All the welds are as smooth as a baby’s bottom.


I made the rear fender out of a section that was cut off of a Sportster fender, stock pipes cut down, heat wrapped and chrome tips.  Made the front fender brace out of aluminum and cut down stock 7/8″ bars to make the foot pegs that I utilized matching bicycle grips for the foot pegs and actual handlebar grips.  I made the side panels again, but had to do them in two seperate pieces.


Bare bones wiring and a big thanks to Pamco Pete for helping me trace down a bad regulator.  I’m sure I’m missing a lot of details but you guys get the jist of it.  Tell me what you think!  -Bykerbrad
Bike when I first picked it up:

Some mock up:

My first XS build, just recently sold:
2009/10/update-on-budget-build/ -Sold!

Bradley T. Bergamasco


  1. Russ says:

    That is one fine brat. Simple-clean -and flows perfectley

  2. James K Irmert says:

    Looks good dude. I’m figurin’ on doin’ it up Bratstyle with mine next winter. Gunna use this season of snow to rip the engine apart and rebuild it all, then next time the snow returns I’ll worry about the style of the bike.

  3. Evan says:

    Cool bike, i see in the write up that you put different jets in the carbs. I am running pod filters and the same exhaust set up, what did you use for jets?

  4. Mike says:

    Cool bike. Is the frame stock except for the rear end? I want to put pods on my stock ’82, and am wondering if I’ll have to make any cuts/welds to cover the battery box and have the pods fit.

  5. Bykerbrad says:

    Yes, you are correct, the front of the frame is stock and the rear end was cut around the seat area and lowered just a bit. Not sure what to tell you about the pods, most of them are pretty shallow but I have not ran them on either of my bikes with the stock covers.

  6. shad says:

    I am about to go buy a 79 with mags and I want to style it like yours. I have a 81 hardtailed bobbed out finishing up now ,But ever since i saw your destroy i have been wanting a bratty bob with mags and apes. I found a really clean special that i am gonna ride all winter here in Oregon ,Then this summer when Im ragin the hardtail i want to tear down the 79 and model it after yours. Lets just say you got it right brad your bike is killer looking and very inspiring enough so that i had to find a special with mags so if you dont mind i am gonna hit you up with some questions when the time comes that im ready to start stripping down the 79…again thanks for making me go out and buy another 650 (if i never saw your destroy i would probably only own 1 650 but here goes nothing)…………..by the way what is the box on the rear is that your electrical box..Is that a sportster front fender on the rear chopped up looks good ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks for the inspiration , Shad

  7. BykerBrad says:

    Thanks for all the kind words Shad. I’m with you, I would have only had one XS until I found this site and keep falling in love over and over again. The chrome box on the side is just a chrome harley tool box. Look them up. Nothing in it other than my insurance card, registration, and a clear set of glasses. The back fender is actually just the tail end of a sportster rear fender. Happy chopping! -Bykerbrad btbergamasco@hotmail.com

  8. Fabbastard says:

    Very nice indeed, Brad.

  9. norm younger says:

    Nice bratstyle. Clean look.