xs in chicago


Alright, after a long and stressful charging problem, my xs is on the road and flyin like a bat out ‘o’ hell!    motor is an 81 special, wheels are stock 16-19 re-laced and painted. Frame is obviously an ardcore (thanks jon and nate!) as well as oilbag/battery box, which is where 90% of the electronics are hidden, and the controls are ardcore as well. tank is a 2.2 gallon mustang.




Fender is from front street cycles, and bars are from deep six cycles. this is my first build so i had tons of help with it. i wanna thank my brother chris, for without his hard work making everything run, and fit while working full time with a family and 2 kids, i would still be taking the bus! brothers like that are golden!!!

Thanks Eric


  1. DANNY says:

    Great looking bike . I also live in chicago, about 30 mins nrth of the city

  2. Alex says:

    Top favorites for sure. great job

  3. Manny says:

    Bike looks really good i also live about 30 mins north of the city!!

  4. reynoldburton says:

    I`m not from Chicago but nonetheless your bike is damn goog lookin!

  5. tadd442 says:

    Awesome machine!

    I’ve BEEN 30 minutes north of the city…..

  6. sean from boston says:

    bike looks GREAT

  7. Mason says:

    Great looking bike. This keeps the style going…

  8. stemsk8 says:

    i’ve been to chicago for more than 30 mins before. need looking ride. what front tire is that?

  9. leadfist says:

    Great job on the scoot.

  10. eric says:

    thanks leadfist for not placating the chicago remarks. love the stuff you guys turn out as well. stemsk8, the front tire is a chen shing speedmaster knockoff that i stole from my boy johnnycrash! the rippinist kid around!

  11. Man your bike came out great! Can I toss some of your pics up on the blog?

    “Tuff Luck Tom” @ Deep Six Cycles.

  12. eric says:

    deep six… email me at thirdcoastvalet@live.com and ill send you come better pics. love my bars

  13. bake83 says:

    UR bike looks really clean Im really diggin the strait bars and how they run the same line as the forks. Really tasteful bike!! GOOD JOB!!!

  14. bake83 says:

    Also is it jockey shift?? Any pics of your set up your running. thanks

  15. Bake83 says:

    I looked at the pics better answered my own question. Damn cell phones

  16. anthony says:

    damn i love this bike. super sick stance and i love the raw look of it. nice job.

  17. Paul says:

    Did it you have trouble with Ardcore Choppers?

  18. eric says:

    bro… thanks for the kind words. and for the record, the tins are raw because i cant afford the paint job that i want. next year. paul….. i did not have any problems with ardcore, the frame took a bit longer than i was quoted, but hey..you pay and wait for quality. i love the ardcore frames, to me they have the absolute perfect stance. infact nate, and jon were helpful with wiring issues ive had long after my frame was paid for and on the road.

  19. love the look . you just cant go wrong with a skinny bike wit tall drag bars .
    exelent exicution…

  20. Wa says:

    which is the model of your fork? , it’s not stock, nice build

  21. P.R.local27 says:

    yes, forks are stock and lowered a couple inches