Form the island of Puerto Rico

This is my first full build. I’m form the island of Puerto Rico and my passion it has been always the motorcycles but as many people I’m a working man with a little budget. This bike started as a 1979 xs650 that i got for $700 running but not charging.



I went to the web mall of course E-bay and find a gas tank, fenders, grips and seat. Tc bros was  the supplier of the forward controls and hardtail kit. This bike was build in a one car garage with no super tools just hard work and a lot of heart and support from my wife.


The engine was rebuilt by my self and is running great. Now I’m working on anther XS with a 200 rear tire rigid so you will be seeing it soon. This site is my inspiration with real bikes by real people, keep it going. Hope you like the bike.


Francisco Santiago

What do you guys think, leave a comments below.

xs650 long sleeve
xs650 tanktop
xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug