Pedal to the metal – kicker mod for low bucks


There are surely variuos ways to put a pedal to your kicker arm.This is how I did – and it works fine.

Picture 1:
At first you have to cut the “knob” from your kicker arm wich fixes the rubber, Now you can pull the rubber off. There are different diameters of the arm depending on the year of manufacturing. In my case it was nearly 12mm. Because its not really round (there are “seams” on it), you have to grind it a little bit smoother.


Then I did take a 10mm threaded rod and went to a farmer with a welder to weld it on the end of the kicker arm where I cut the knob. The farmer is not necessary if you have your own welder 😉

Take the threaded rod just a little bit longer – you can cut it to the right size if the pedal is on the kickerarm.

Picture 2:
I took an BMX “Iron cross pedal”, but that depends on your favour. Take out the complete inwards. Not shown on the pics are the bearings. In my case I had to drill it out a little bit to 12mm for fitting the kicker arm.


Picture 3:
I made some brass spacers to prevent the pedal from wobbling on the arm. Brass is even a little “self lubricant”. The spacers have to fit in the bigger holes of the pedal on both sides and surely over the kicker arm. Size may vary from pedal you choose. Theres a washer and a nut at the end to fix the pedal.


Picture 4:
Spinning the pedal will tighten or loose the nut, so I drilled a hole through it and the rod and fixed it with a splint. Before you drill find the right position – not to loose or to tight – the pedal should spin well.

Picture 5:


Unfortunately my girlfriend got not happy showing her boobs for the perfect last picture. It could have been better! Like my english 😉

Have fun chopping your rides, reynoldburton


  1. Spun says:

    Nice and clean man, thanks. Keep working on your girl, you could always update.

  2. Blackwidow says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this I guess the most that will happen is I screw up and have to buy another kicker lever

  3. Mike says:

    I did the same thing on my bobber, except I bought a harley pedal off eBay for $14, I had the welder replace the whole shaft with the shaft from the pedal so I had the right bearing races at both ends of the pedal.
    The welder was a professional welding shop and I expressed my concern about the weld being strong enough. Hasn’t broken yet!

  4. Ted says:

    I did something similar on my kicker two. I used one of the rubber Harley replacement petals. It works pretty good.

    @ Mike – How are things going with your bike? Did you get your motor put back together? I haven’t made much progress on my bike in the past couple weeks but have been doing a lot of mental building. I’ve been planing to post some pictures soon.