learning experience


Write about your XS650.: I saw a xs650 at a local car show. I saw an add on craigslist for this on the cheap. I have never done this before but theres got to be a first time for everything. I found this other one the same way. I hope between the 2 I can build somnthing that works.



  1. Russ says:

    In reguard to learning experance . some guy tried to trade the ridged bike you got to a friend of mine for his basket case sears. My friend called me to come look at it, from what I remember there was on title, it had the wrong front end, the slides were stuck on the carbs, the motor was locked, and the part that scared me the most was the frame, if you lean it to the left the frame would bottom out and the rear wheel would come off the ground. Dont dispare thow ther has to be some parts you can use. Like you said between the 2 hopefully you can build something that works. Good luck and keep us posted. Russ

  2. Travis says:

    Russ, your right , no title on the hardtail,I got the vin numbers checked and its not stolen, so I can work with that. The frame had some wierd welded on crap on it. I believe its had at least 2 different motors and stuff put on it. The cutt off old brackets were still partialy every where on it. It is why the frame rubbed the ground when you leaned it. I ground off all the wierd crap off of it and Im starting over with alot of the brackets. The fram itself is strait. The motor wasnt stuck when I got it. But the chain was rusted to the gear, Might be why it was assumed to be locked up. I still havent got the carb to function.Im using the motor and carbs and all the electrical off the other bike. They are both stripped down to the frames now and I am starting to get an idea where im going with it. its gonna be a long winter. 🙂

  3. Tebo says:

    My own learning experience is with a ’75 basketcase I bought for $200.00 and three bottles of booze. I thought the engine was siezed, turned out it was the generator that was corroded solid. Once I cracked it loose, it cleaned up okay and actually works! The carbs needed to look like the exploded view in the Clymer’s manual and cleaned to within an inch of thier lives. New throttle shaft seals and main nozzle o-rings. But the punchline is I’ve got no spark on the left side. Switch the wires to make sure, then replace the one or boths coils. Get it to run before the snow flies, ready and rolling next year. It’s only impossible ’cause nobody’s ever done it before.

  4. JAKE says:

    I am wondering if you or anyone knows what the wheel came off of on the bike in the top picture?

  5. Travis says:

    Its off a yamaha, just not sure what year or what bike.