Write about your XS650.: I have been changing my bike around latley I just picked up this old wassell tank a bates solo and a 21″ spool wheel  from a friend.. also i scored the springer off some random guy I was just talking to for $80.


I think my bike has had maybe 5 different identities in the last year I like the way its looking now so maybe its time to actually paint it.





Thanks Bryan Hall


  1. Kevin says:

    This bike is so tits! Love the foot warmer pipes, I’d move that mirror though.

  2. Emery says:

    Those narrow bars are sweet… I was planning on putting some drag bars on mine, but Nate’s bike and this one have me thinking differantly!

  3. Hesh says:

    Get out of here! One of the coolest bikes I have seen in weeks! Are you in So Cal?

  4. Steve says:

    COOL BIKE ..

  5. Ted says:

    Nice changeup on the front end. I like that you’re using the original foot pegs. Doing the same on my ride. I Just sent out a bunch of T-shirts and yours was one of them. Thanks for the support Bryan.

  6. chad says:

    very nice ride. dig those pipes

  7. chuck says:

    awesome scoot! what size bars are those and where did you get them?

  8. Bryan Hall says:

    Thanks Ted got my shirt today and it the least I could do to support this cool website.
    Hersh I’m in sacramento and if anyone is in or comes through town were always down for a ride and some tacos.
    The bars are just some old crapy 7/8 bars that i cut up

  9. brian says:

    This bike is is awesome, period!
    You hit the nail on the head brother.

  10. Blackwidow says:

    I like the tank what kind is it?

  11. RV says:

    This bike is is awesome, period!
    You hit the nail on the head brother.

  12. Scotty says:

    Man this is spot on! Anyway I could get the specs on your frame?


  13. greg waltke...fuxs sakes. says:

    dude ,paint? huh.leave it you got it .that f,er is raw bro.the springs and bars are killer.

  14. Blackwidow says:

    How does the paint hold up on them carbs and engine?

  15. BHALL says:

    The paint on the carbs and cylinder are factory so they hold up good … Scotty I measured the frame and it comes out to 1.5 stretch in the rear with 4″ ground clerance and stock up front…

  16. kenb says:

    BHall I’ve watched some of the changes made you have done to this bike. AND THIS NICE!!! How much is the build up to now? Are you keepin track? Yea I to would scoop up the front end, love the tank seat combo. Thkz Ken B

  17. Bryan Hall says:

    Hey Ken I changed my bike again I got rid of the sparto light and built a stainless license bracket and built some super rad T bars.. I havnt been keeping track of how much i’ve spent i think about just under $1000 total. keep an eye out for my new bike i am about to build I’m starting from scratch on the next one..

  18. shawn says:

    how much to hardtail my xs like that?

  19. Americanbarber82 says:

    Is that a Top Fools exhaust?

  20. HAPPY DAN says:

    Like this style of your bike,Id ride it,keep up the good work!

  21. sean from boston says:

    i know its an old post but probably one of my favorite xs650’s out there its what mine would be if I went hard tail.

  22. Cody Herndon says:

    I know imma bout 3years behind but what kind of wire box Did u make. Sick bike Man.