Weed’s next XS is almost ready


Hoi allemaal vanuit Holland,

After a long time to have done nothing to my XS I picked up the thread again and the 2nd XS is almost done.
Did my tank let pinstriped by www.stienen.mijnalbums.nl It is Kafka style and then I let him rust.
My rear fender and my electrical box with Kafka style and rust.
The frame still needs paint and then rebuild everything.
when I am ready I send it again photos.noid-cid_002201c8603e2e166e800a01a8c0roosendaal1


greetings from weed from holland.


  1. scheffers says:

    cool tankje weed!

  2. stewart says:

    Kool bike.like the stance the bike has looks wicked

  3. Hans from Holland says:

    Hey Weed,
    Was nice meeting you again on our XS 650 run.
    Hope you had a good trip back home.
    Mine was veryvery wet, never mind for it was a superweekend.

  4. Weed says:

    Hoi Hans,

    De terug weg was goed verlopen lekker droog lol
    Het was leuk om je weer eens te zien ik zou zeggen tot volgende keer

  5. Chiel says:

    good looking Weed.
    like the yellow rear rim!
    like the box for the electrics

  6. Pack Rat says:

    Hi Weed, I have to say that your bikes are a true inspiration to me.
    I have been following your builds when ever I can and like what you build.
    I caught you on a forum where you helped someone by posting pictures of Jan Van Wakerens’ car tire. I was hoping that you might be able to help me with some information about his build or tell me how I can contact him. I would really appreciate if you contact me at xstream650@gmail.com

  7. Shane Ryans says:

    Not a fan of the yellow rear rim though.