1978 xs 650 hardtail built by Grave Robber Customs


Write about your XS650.: I got this bike from some awsesome guys down in jax, fl. They set me up with exactly what i wanted and then i added my touches from here. The frame is custom made no bolt on weld on interenet stuff. all bent and welded in a garage int eh back yard. For more info on these guys go to myspace/graverobbercustoms. Hope you like it.




Thanks Joey


  1. stewart says:

    sweet ride.

  2. Derek says:

    How much did they charge you for it? I’m thinking of getting one from them myself.

  3. Frank GRC says:

    dude you made it look so much better than when it left the shop! cudos to you bro. looks great

  4. blackwidow says:

    man that bike is real clean I love that tool bag down there

  5. BillyBobba says:

    Another candidate for next years Darwin awards, no rear guard to stop your balls from dragging over a spinning rear tyre as you try to stop from hitting oncoming truck as you have no front brakes, oh well I guess it serves for a better gene pool in the long run.

  6. Joey says:

    Answer to derek, you can go to their myspace page and check out some prices, or just hit frank up hes a cool dude. Hell get you fixed up. I traded out some stuff so i dont really know exactly what it will cost you but i know it cant be much. As for billybobba kik rocks dude, didnt your momma say if you dont have nething nice to say dont say nething at all

  7. BillyBobba says:

    You might like to check out a youtube link, bulletproof vest test goes wrong, you may see some similarities with someone who designs a build with inheret faults in it that wants to tear you a new arsehole while slamming you into the side of a truck. Cheers.

  8. Derek says:

    Thanks Joey. I think what BillyBobba really wants to say is “ride safe.”

  9. BillyBobba says:

    Yeh that about sums up my comment, just think a little further down the track than a perceived cool look, dead ain’t cool.

  10. Frank GRC says:

    for the record the bike left the shop with a fender, i think joey is just trinyng to make it his own, i like the look though. good job joey u gonna come down for the bachelor party/ride?

  11. Ted says:

    Cool.. Signs of a healthy community developing. Its easy to get misunderstood online.

    When I first ripped my front fender off years ago I thought that tons of gravel would spray into my face but I’ve been rocking without a front fender for years and never really had anything fly up from the front tire.

    However, rolling without a rear fender would literally rip your ass off. Just one pothole, slide back a few inches and…..

  12. Ted says:

    Derek were you able to get a hold of Frank? PM me if not.