xs650 chopper: Phoenix-AZ motoren, Best NL


Proud owner of a beautiful Yamaha XS650!

Describe Your XS650:
I bought the frame from a friend of mine. He had it for a couple of months but didn’t do anything with it. I already had the engine so it wasn’t much work to transplant it. We took the gas-tank from a xs750 but since it\’s bigger than the original we had to move fixtures. On the bottom fixture we also attached a big bolt through it as a leverage-point for the seat. We originally had two spings for the seat but they were to weak for my enormous weight (190 pounds at that time). I came up with the idea to use just one thick spring. I welded a piece of pipe underneath the seat and one on the seat pan. The spring slides over it and is pressed between the two. I wanted to do something different with the exhausts but didn\’t have access to a pipe-bender or good pipe for that matter. We went to a plumber and got weld bends and gasspipe which we bend with a little handpump. Attached nice chrome ends on it and the result lookes and sounds amazing. Ordered an old ape-hanger through Internet for a couple of bucks. Extended the brake-lines and shifter cable. Just for the look of it I made a thin chrome moulding that goes over the middle of the fenders, gas-tank and seat-pan. This gives it a kind of nostalgic look and feel.


So, after ten or twelve Saturday’s I finally had the bike I always wanted. For a good price at that. Total costs around 800 dollars. Estimated price if I want to sell the bike is round 4000 dollars. But this is irrelevant. The main thing is that I’m a happy and proud owner of a beautiful Yamaha XS650!


I never thought that I would and could build a bike like this. But with the help of some of my best friends at Phoenix-AZ Motoren in Best (Netherlands), anything is possible.

Thanks Tijn Buschman.


  1. Ted says:

    I dig your logo.. What’s up with Phoenix-AZ Motoren in Best (Netherlands)?

  2. Hans from Holland says:

    Hello Tijn,
    Nice to meet a Dutchie again here.
    Yes, Hans Peter of Phoenix is a real nice guy and if it comes to XS 650 he is the man to deal with.
    Is that pic made at the Kleppenjagers Meeting? Hell of a party every year! And hey, thats Norbert and Gerrit watchin’ your bike.
    Also both XS riders, met them on the strangest places at the strangest moments. XSee you, Hans.

  3. Joe says:

    Hello Tijin, I live in Phoenix, AZ and build nice XS650 chops. What’s the connection between PhoenixAZ-Motoren and Phoenix, AZ USA?

  4. Hey Joe…..
    I heard you shot your woman down (lol)
    The connection is that they imported bikes in the nineties from Arizona to Holland. Mostly XS 650’s.
    Here’s their site; http://www.phoenix-az.nl/

  5. Behalve de hoofdstad van de staat Arizona is (een) Phoenix ook een mythische vogel die uit zijn eigen as herrijst!!

    Sterkte Hans-Peter