Metalhead’s Daily Driver


(much to the dismay of my landlord)

Describe Your XS650:
I built this bike in the living room of my old apt (much to the dismay of my landlord) a few years back. It’s been my daily, and only transportation since. Been thru a number of changes over the years, including getting kicked over (upside down!!) by my ex girlfriend, but it’s still running strong. Just picked up a second XS in trade that I’m gonna build a brat bike out of for the Ms. (she doesn’t want a rigid), stay tuned.022img_1618

3″ stretch in the rear
38 degree rake
2.5″ ground clearance (no need for a kickstand)
cheap-o DNA 2″ under springer (bars welded to upper clamp)
21″ front wheel
16″ rear wheel with a 180
offset front sprocket
“spaced\” (haha, a couple washers) left engine cover
2.5\” drop seat
1.75\” exhaust, no baffles
34mm mikuni roundslides
50/50 paint (no more than 50 bucks, looks great from 50 feet 🙂 )
no front brake, stock H*rley softail rear brake
widened KZ440 front fender turned rear fender and a bunch of random crap that was laying around


It’s getting about time for a makeover, once the Brat is done, this one will be getting torn back down to the frame and “freshened up” with a monster motor and a few other tricks.

I do have to give credit where it’s due. I didn’t build this particular frame, Troy from TCU built it for me to my specs, in a REDICULOUS time frame (was trying to make it to the smokeout).

Thanks Steve


  1. Weed says:

    Hell yeuh kick ass i love it
    Very cool

  2. Sky says:

    This is what my bike would’ve looked like had I not gone with the air-ride system.

    Very nice job, great looking bike for a great price I’m sure!

  3. Ted says:

    Time to start building another bike Sky.. I’m saving parts for my hardtail right now..

  4. skr00zloose says:

    Thanks for the comments. (yeah, I know the tank fits like hell, btw, lol)

    I have a little under a grand in it at the moment. It’s not much, must it definately gets the job done.

  5. TLoud says:

    Hey sick bike man. Just wondering did you buy a hardtail kit or build it? And with the 180 tire what are you using for a wheel?

  6. skr00zloose says:

    Due to the time I had to get it ridable, I didn’t do the hardtail. Troy over at TCU did. And did a damn good job too. I ride this bike rain, shine, snow, etc, every day, and have never had a single problem.

    As far as the wheel, it’s a cheap-o 16×5.5 wheel from e-bay with a harley flanged hub. I originally built my own offset front sprocket, but didn’t have the tooling to get it 100% true, and it tore up chains, so I eventually bought a 3/4″ offset sprocket, which is still on it. With a non-o ring chain and some “interesting” spacing, I managed to get away with running the sprocket without having to cut and extend the shift shaft. It’s close, but it works, and has for a while now.

  7. ace says:

    love it bro never forget the nihgt trying to get her ready for the smoke out haha

  8. gilligan says:

    bike looks sick homie!! i just picked up a 92 zx7 front end,wheels,swingarm,etc.. in your opinion,whats my best plan of attack to fit this in a 77 xs frame.. i really dont want to go rigid with this one as the roads he in canada suck ass…

    yo ace.. i remember that night too.i miss those days..

  9. skr00zloose says:

    well I’ll be damned, Ace and Jeff, the two mo-fo’s lending a hand till the wee hours of the morning trying to make it ridable!

    How ya’ll fool doin?

    Jeff, shoot me an e-mail or something about that ZX7 stuff. the front end is easy, the rear is a lil more involved.

    and uh, keep an eye out here, I just picked up 2 more xs’s!

  10. Brian says:

    One of my favorites!!!

  11. Hunter says:

    hey man would you ever consider selling this bike? love it man this is exactly what i want… If not could you at least send a bunch of pics?

  12. skr00zloose says:

    I JUST sold it actually. I have a crapload of pics of the bike in various stages. Let me know what you may want.

    I’ll be posting pics of “the replacement” up here soon, be on the lookout.

  13. Gary Poh says:

    Nice Build!

    Did I build your 3/4 offset sprocket?

    Just wondering

    Take care

    Gary Poh

  14. metalhead says:

    lol, I did build my first offset sprocket, the second I got from you sir!

    Very well made, I have to add. Been on there for lord only knows how many miles (about 2 years worth of being my daily, and only, transportation, and BARELY shows any wear! If anyone is trying to run a 180/200 rear tire on an XS, I highly recommend you find Gary Poh.

    Speaking of which, I know you have a 200mm “kit”, but if you’re interested, I can show you a way of running a 180/200 without having to cut and weld the shift shaft, running your offset sprocket. The only downfall being that the clearances are tight, tight enough that you can’t run an o-ring chin, as they are just a bit too wide.

  15. Hey “metalhead”

    Shoot me an e-mail…….I would like to ask you a few questions pertaining to my XS build.


    “The Dude”

  16. Danny-The-Dude says:

    I guess my e-mail adress would be helpful:

    “The Dude”

  17. Jax21 says:

    I know you said Troy from TCU built your frame does he have a website? How does someone get in touch with him. Do you have any more pics of your bike posted somewhere else on the web?

  18. Jaymen says:

    Gotta know, what size/long is that front end springer?

  19. Sean from boston says:

    It’s a 2 under

  20. davidsona says:

    3 inch stretch, but any drop in that tail?

  21. metalhead says:

    Jaymen: yes, it’s a 2 under springer

    davidsona: yes, ALOT of drop @ the axle. The bike was 2-2.5 inches off the ground, and didn’t even have a kickstand, I just parked it on the footpeg. The seat height was also dropped one inch over your standard style hardtail. Needless to say, my butt was pretty low to the ground.

  22. norm younger says:

    awesome i like the wide rear tire.

  23. Dennis says:

    norm, I think you need a job or something… you are all over here…. ;oD