Describe Your XS650:
This bike started out at a swap meet, on a trailer that I scored for $300! I then rushed it home and began cutting immediately! Someone did a very poor job on the hardtail so I cut it off and made my own, my first.
When the bike was finished the first time, a dad could have not been more proud. I rode it that way for about a year before the rebuild itch struck me! Then a year later, again…..which leads us to how the bike is as you see it today. It will not be rebuilt again I’m 100% happy the way it turned out.


You guys can see the outer parts, ill just give motor info here: 74 XS650 bored to 763, rephased crank (277) ported polished head, race cam, 36mm mikunis, probe engineering ignition (ill never use another brand, Mark Whitebook Probe Engineering Inc.). And today here she goes!




Thanks Paul Wilson

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