Hey I’m Eddy from Port Angeles WA. Thanks to my father Eddy Sr. I was handed a wrench and found the love for hot rods and bikes young!

One thing I’ll always remember growing up is the neighborhood kids got a brand new go kart and all the rest of us kids were so jealous. Well we didn’t have a lot of money at all really but a few short days later my dad built us an old rusty lawn mower without a deck and hardly any brakes on the damn thing, but it was twice as fast as that shiny new go kart and all the kids wanted to drive our lawn mower instead!

From then on I’ve always learned it’s not about money it’s about skills. And skills get money! Anyway Ive wanted a yammy 650 since I was in grade school and recently seen one in Kelso WA at the right price so I took the 4 hour drive and 900$ later I had my first XS!

1979 Special that as you can tell in the pic I really should have passed on to someone that wanted to keep it original 🙄 but too excited I got her home, went on literally two rides less than a couple miles each, then tore it apart!! It’s a basic tc bro hardtail and forward controls.

But other than the wheels which I drilled out and the motor that I “diamond cut” I’ve built most everything else! I made plenty of mistakes along the way but I feel that’s the best way to learn sometimes.

If I only knew then what I do now.. I’d have went with hughs CDI but I did the PMA and xs charge at first and threw that ignition in the damn trash after relashing valves over and over and timing and etc because she just wasn’t running right.

Finally got a boyer and haven’t had a single hiccup! So highly recommend boyer bransden micro ignition if you plan on going electronic. My favorite part of the bike is either the 2 into 1 manifold I made when my buddies were telling me naw you won’t get that thing to run on one carb instead of two.

Well how ya like me now?!! Also I like the seat suspension I made which works good as it looks! Everyone always asks about the seat thinking it’s got to be uncomfortable but it’s just fine to me! It’s been super fun and I’m itching to get another one going!

This time I’ll find a basket case tho and maybe a Sportster to hardtail, hell idk!! Lastly I call her “Anita” because everytime I think it’s finished and I’m going to leave her alone, I find myself saying ah I just needa do this or i just needa do that!! Thanks for this awesome website.

I love getting to read about a new bike everyday! And I’m sure you’ll see another one from me sooner than later 😎 Thanks!

Submitted by: Eddy Cawyer