This is my 1981 XS650 special . It runs and now moves just doesn’t stop yet. Lol. I was super pleased that it seems like a solid starter project . I am brand new to the XS650 world and was just looking for a project that has tons of options on which way I can go.

Not sure it’s future yet. Maybe a hard tail maybe keep the shocks and swing arm set up. But definitely going to be a bobber or chopper when it finds its new life. The big goal for now is just to get it road worthy and enjoy finding out the bugs on parts that will stay . The bars are definitely going to go. The buck horn bars are absolutely horrible.

I tried my hand at rebuilding the brakes on the front and had no success. The master cylinder was too far gone and the brake caliper stripped out on the bleed valve. So new ones are on the way. The rear brakes are currently free but inoperable. It’s kick starts and the electric starter works. I don’t want to touch the carbs yet as it starts and idles.

The previous owner started taking parts off for no real reason, however at least kept the parts in a box. I replaced the front tire myself which for some reason was a huge success for me. However I don’t have a way to balance it. The head light and taillight work but not the turn signals. I have a new switch on the way.

I was going to put bearings in the front but they seem in great condition. I have a new fuse panel on the way as that is brittle and falling apart. Many many more things on the way that are mainly small items . Like a rear tire, horn, grips, rear brakes are my next attack. Not sure if they are salvageable or needs completely replacing. I have to go through all the fluids but the oil seemed fresh when I checked it . No doubt it’ll need air filters but not sure the direction for those.

I kind of want to lose the factory air boxes and streamline the wiring. I’d like to keep the speedo but unsure about the tachometer. They both actually work. The goal is to also keep the factory tank. Definitely losing the chrome front and rear fenders ( not a fan). I haven’t even thought about if I will upgrade the ignition or charging system.

This thing is like Legos for adults. But that is why I will be happy to just get it on the road and find out what direction I will go with my build. I definitely enjoy seeing all the pics of other peoples builds to grab ideas from. I know it’s not much to look at yet . Butter hopefully soon it’ll be the bike I dream up to be my bar hopper. So I don’t have to hop on my Road Glide every time I feel like getting some wind in.

Seny by ANDY