Brian Durk sent in this helpful video a couple weeks ago. I was waiting to post it until I had time to put together a wiring schematic I’ve been working on buttt youno, I have been busy..  So here it is. Thanks Brian..

xs650 Chopper – Bobber wiring your charging system. DO NOT waste money buying a “chopper wiring” diagram online and more importantly, use parts you probably have laying around. I’ve done the struggling and managed the frustration for you. Here is my video on how to wire a charging system to your yamaha xs 650 twin motor. It’s very simple and I hope it will come in handy.

If you have tci, follow directions as recommended. If you have points, still follow directions as recommended. If it doesn’t work, then refer to this video to potentially get you out of a jam).

Un-grounding the brushes is not always necessary in every wiring scenario. The ungrounded brush assembly is specific to wiring a stock tci reg/rec to a points motor.

If you don’t unground the brush, you won’t pull a charge (generally you aren’t likely to damage anything if that is your concern)

Brian Durk – Minnesota