Did you know that French is a language spoken by about 136 million people worldwide. Gé is from France and he just finished up building this beautifully designed Yamaha XS650. I’m not quite sure how many XS650 made their way into France but Gé was able to find one and cut it up good.

Here is what Gé has to say about his new ride. (translated from French)

Gé- I bought this model one year ago. I drew the engine and wheels on a drawing software (SolidWorks). From there I drew my ideas on the PC before making definitive plans. I began the frame fabrication in February.


The ride is very pleasant, the bikes stay in-line well, but over 70-75 mph, there are some vibrations. Maybe a set of handlebar with shock absorbing would solve the problem. Since the latest pics, I put a suicide command, (with a 125TZR part and a old Mx handlebar) and it’s kool!
I bought the XS (with mikuni VM, bigger diameter pipes, full of new parts… a good base) & drew the engine and wheels in June 2009. I drew many frame & tank models in the 2009 ending. February 2010 was the beginning of the reality, with hot tube bending on models I made to respect the draws bending. Then milled the extremities of tubes turning steering column, supports, spacers, axles … On march, the MIG welding was very useful for frame welding. In the end of march, the bike was on it’s wheels with the engine inside.
The seat was designed and made in the beginning of April. I like the seat support. My first ride was in the April, 23, with a water bottle by way of fuel tank, but fabulous! After a 2 months break, I made the fuel tank in sheet steel of 1,5mm of thickness.
Two completes weeks of work on the project in the ending of June to make the electricity, to finish the fuel tank, to polish up details ext… The frame was powder-coated, and the tank varnished. I got to ride the bike on the 8 July !!!! I put a cool video of my XS650 on my blog and on YouTube.
Thank you Gé


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