Motorcyclists come in all shapes and sizes, each with their unique style, preferences, and quirks. From the speed-obsessed to the knowledge-thirsty, the diversity within the biking community is as vast as the open road itself. In this lighthearted listicle, we take a humorous look at the “9 Riders You Will Meet” on your two-wheeled travels, both online and in real life.

Drawing inspiration from a popular video at the bottom of this article, we delve into the stereotypes that make the motorcycling world such an interesting and eclectic place. So, rev up your engines and get ready to nod along as we explore these distinctive biker personas. Don’t forget to check out the original video for a fun visual take on these motorcycle enthusiasts!

1. The Busa Bro

Meet the Busa Bro, the embodiment of speed and power on two wheels. This rider’s love for the Suzuki Hayabusa is matched only by their desire to turbocharge it and leave supercars in their dust. Often found discussing the latest mods to hit triple-digit speeds, the Busa Bro lives for the adrenaline rush and isn’t shy about it. Whether they’re channeling the essence of a Japanese bullet train or a peregrine falcon, the Busa Bro’s passion for pushing the limits is undeniable.

Despite the perplexity of statisticians trying to understand the Busa Bro’s profile, one thing is clear: they’re a staple in the motorcycle community. Their enthusiasm for speed is infectious, and their tales of high-velocity escapades are the stuff of legend at every bike meet.

2. The Forum Sensei

Wise and all-knowing, the Forum Sensei is the go-to guru for any motorcycle-related question. How do they possess such encyclopedic knowledge of bikes? Rumor has it they’ve memorized the owner’s manual from cover to cover. Their forum signature is often a snapshot of them expertly dragging a knee on the track, accompanied by an inspirational quote set in an oversized Arial font.

The Forum Sensei’s presence elevates the online motorcycle community, providing guidance and wisdom to riders of all levels. Their advice is invaluable, especially when you’re wrenching on your bike and need that one crucial tip to get you back on the road.

3. The Grom Bro

The Grom Bro is a unique breed of rider, specializing in the art of customizing and stunting the Honda Grom. This mini moto enthusiast finds joy in adding outrageous mods, from triple rear brakes for “dank wheelies” to swapping in larger engines for an extra kick. The Grom Bro sees the world as their playground, ready to take on skatepark ramps and urban obstacles with their pint-sized powerhouse.

Despite the Grom’s small stature, the Grom Bro’s spirit for adventure is anything but. Watching them maneuver their modded machine is a reminder that fun on two wheels comes in all sizes.

4. The Multiple Bike Bro

Envy is the name of the game when it comes to the Multiple Bike Bro. This collector and flipper of motorcycles seems to have an endless rotation of bikes, each more enviable than the last. You can’t help but wonder how they manage to juggle so many rides. Is their garage a Tardis? Are bikes their significant other? The mystery only adds to their allure.

The Multiple Bike Bro lives by the mantra “n+1,” the idea that the perfect number of bikes is always one more than you currently own. Their ever-changing collection is a source of inspiration (and jealousy) for those who dream of a garage filled with two-wheeled treasures.

5. The Broke College Kid

The Broke College Kid is the embodiment of passion over wealth. Working tirelessly at a part-time job, they save every penny to afford a vintage Honda turned Café Racer project. Their budget may be tight, but their dedication to the motorcycle lifestyle is limitless. They’re often seen on forums, seeking advice on their Frankenstein bike’s mysterious mix of parts.

This rider’s journey is a testament to the fact that the love for motorcycles isn’t limited by one’s bank account. The Broke College Kid’s resourcefulness and commitment to the ride are as commendable as they are relatable.

6. The Supermoto Dude

For the Supermoto Dude, life is all about the thrill of riding a Supermoto. They’re the evangelists of the bike world, preaching the gospel of the Supermoto’s versatility and fun. Don’t be surprised if they tell you that all riders, given enough time, will inevitably gravitate towards a Supermoto. And if you complain about the seat? They’ll have a list of aftermarket options ready for you.

The Supermoto Dude’s passion can be infectious, and while not everyone may share their enthusiasm for conversions and dirt-bike-to-Supermoto transformations, their dedication to their chosen style is undeniable.

7. The Commuter

The Commuter is the unsung hero of the motorcycle world. Clad in a nondescript jacket and riding a practical, upright bike, they rack up more miles in a year than most do in a lifetime. Known in some circles as the Iron Butt, the Commuter’s road manners are second to none. They’re the stealth riders of the group, blending into the daily flow of traffic with an unassuming presence.

When you do get a chance to talk to the Commuter, you’ll be amazed by their extensive riding experience and the tales of their cross-country adventures. Their dedication to riding as a way of life is both inspiring and humbling.

8. The GSXR Bro

The GSXR Bro is the quintessential sportbike enthusiast, with a penchant for the Suzuki GSX-R and a lifestyle that embraces the squid life. They’re often seen in flip-flops and Icon gear, sipping on a Monster Energy drink, and living life on the edge. The GSXR Bro’s bike might look like it’s straight out of the early 2000s, but to them, it’s timeless.

This rider reminds us that at the heart of motorcycling is the joy of the ride—the freedom, the excitement, and the touch of hooliganism that lives in all of us.

9. The Aerostich Guy

Lastly, we have the Aerostich Guy, the epitome of professionalism on two wheels. Dressed in the all-purpose Aerostich suit, they ride their BMW GS1200 with an air of sophistication. They’re the riders who need to look sharp when they arrive at their destination but refuse to compromise on protection and functionality while on their bike.

While the Aerostich Guy might come off as a bit preachy about their gear of choice, their commitment to safety and practicality is something to be admired. They represent the intersection of motorcycling with the demands of daily professional life.


Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to the world of motorcycling, you’re bound to encounter these personalities on the road or during your digital travels. Each type of rider adds their unique flavor to the community, making the world of motorcycling as diverse and colorful as the bikes we ride. Remember to check out the video that inspired this article: