When you think of Justin Timberlake, your mind might first dance to his catchy tunes or perhaps flicker to his smooth dance moves. But beyond his music and the glaring spotlights, there’s a passion of his that may resonate with you, especially if you’re someone who feels the call of the open road. Yes, you’ve guessed it—Justin Timberlake is also known for his love of motorcycles.

Imagine the pop icon, helmet on, revving up the engine of a Harley-Davidson. It’s a side of him that brings forth a different rhythm, one that thrums in harmony with the growl of a bike’s exhaust. This love affair with two wheels gives Timberlake a unique layer to his persona, and it may very well be a side that endears him even more to fans who share his enthusiasm for the freedom and thrill that riding can bring.

1. Early Riding Experiences

When you first think of Justin Timberlake, motorcycles might not immediately come to mind. However, Timberlake’s interest in motorcycles is a lesser-known fact about the multitalented entertainer. His early riding experiences began long before he became a household name for his music and acting.

Although, we don’t know the exact age he starting riding, he says he started riding dirt bikes at an early age.

2. Maintaining Privacy

For years, Justin Timberlake was able to indulge his passion for motorcycles away from the public eye. Despite being one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Timberlake successfully kept his love of riding under wraps. He was able to slip under the radar and enjoy riding his Harley-Davidsons and other bikes without fanfare or media attention. However, as autoevolution reported, the paparazzi eventually “caught another celebrity who managed to keep his passion for motorcycling away from the public eye for far too long.” Once spotted hitting the roads on his motorcycles, it became public knowledge that Timberlake was an avid rider who took great pleasure in exploring his hobby privately, without the glare of his celebrity status getting in the way of his two-wheeled adventures.

3. Partnership with Harley-Davidson

Taking his love for motorcycles to the next level, Justin Timberlake partnered with iconic American brand Harley-Davidson in 2013 to create a custom bike bearing his name. The “Justin Timberlake Bike” was a unique project that allowed the singer-actor to work closely with Harley’s designers to craft a motorcycle perfectly tailored to his personal tastes.

As Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine reported, “The bike features a lot of custom details chosen personally by Timberlake.” From the paint scheme to the handlebar layout to the exhaust system, every aspect was customized under Timberlake’s direction. The collaboration highlighted his passion not just for riding, but for the art and design of motorcycles themselves. With his signature bike, Timberlake cemented his place among celebrity motorcycle enthusiasts.

4. Appearance in Music Videos

Justin Timberlake's motorcycle parked in front of a graffiti-covered wall, with a vintage microphone and guitar leaning against it

When you think of Justin Timberlake, one of the first things that might come to mind is his dynamic presence in music videos. They’ve often been a blend of storytelling and dance, showcasing his talents not only as a vocalist but also as a performer with a strong visual impact.

Notable Video: Mirrors

“Mirrors” is recognized as one of Justin Timberlake’s most impactful music videos. Released in 2013, the video is an homage to his grandparents, William and Sadie, and their 63-year marriage. The narrative of “Mirrors” is deeply emotional and carries a theme of everlasting love, with various scenes portraying different stages of a couple’s life together. Timberlake appears in the second half of the video, with a performance that encapsulates the message of reflection and connection depicted throughout the storyline.

5. Stunt Performances

Justin Timberlake is known for his dedication to performing his own motorcycle stunts for music videos and live performances. He takes great pride in showcasing his riding skills and daring stunts on two wheels. One of the most notable examples is the music video for his hit single “Mirrors,” where Timberlake can be seen riding a vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle and executing impressive stunts.

Timberlake has also incorporated motorcycle stunts into his live shows and tours. During his 20/20 Experience World Tour, he performed stunts while riding a motorcycle on stage, thrilling audiences with his skills. Men’s Journal reported that “Timberlake does many of his own stunts while riding.” Whether it’s for music videos, live concerts, or even personal enjoyment, Timberlake’s commitment to performing his own motorcycle stunts showcases his passion for riding and his fearless approach to his craft.

6. Investment in Motorsports

In recent years, Timberlake expanded his investment horizons into motorsports. He’s part of the Music City Grand Prix ownership group, which showcases his commitment to the racing industry. This involvement ties Timberlake to a high-speed, adrenaline-fueled sector that resonates with excitement for fans and participants alike.

Timberlake’s alignment with motorsports also extends to past sponsorships – his clothing company, William Rast, sponsored winning racer Dan Wheldon in the 2011 Indianapolis 500.