-11 2014

My name Kartiko and the my custom is called “The Tengkoraksia”. I’m from Jember, East Java, Indonesia. Yamaha engine xs650 – this machine is my dream. My dream And finally realized by building motor custom by using xs650. The Process of building it is almost 2 years, which began in 2010 by collecting spare part or components one by one and finished at the end of the year 2012.

The concept is based on simplicity. First, Simplicity for budget because limitations of fund allocation that I have. And the simplicity of forms. From all that, the concept that I choose is a simple chopper.

-2 2014 -3 2014

To do custom motorcycle and provide the concept I involves a friend of team Zat Besi Custom Works (ZBCW) from Jember, East Java are Didik ZB (builders) and Ndaru Lucky (painting).

Engine : I get engine XS650 from my friend at Jakarta. For the engine, I did not rebuilt the engine and any changes that should be done. But I cleaned the inside because the engine is in good condition. Done with polished with chromium, paint high temp and sand blast. Installed ignition by using kick starter and electric starter. And carburetor using Koso 34mm.

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Frame : Concept hardtail rigid. With the sub frame using a pipe ¾ dim.

Wheel Set : For the rear wheels I use rim size 15″ that took from car that has been modified and uses Pirelli with size 400-15. And the front wheel rim modification size 21″ with 72 spokes and used tire Pirelli with size 325-21.

Fuel tank : Fuel tank handmade by using 2mm plate with fuel tank capacity at around 5 liters.

Front Suspension : The front suspension is hand made with the concept of seamless pipes springer using 1,5 dim and my press so oval.

For ride it , this bike maybe is not as comfortable as the motor from the factory and at Indonesian road is not good and the motor itself no rear suspension for using a rigid or hardtail frame . Overall a pretty nice custom bike especially for hanging out with others riders. With the very very loud noise from the exhaust to get people to look at this bike.

-9 2014 -10 2014

Owner : Kartiko Tengkoraksia
Engine : XS650 1979
Frame : Modification : Hardtail (Basic Frame XS650)
Carburetor : KOSO 34mm
Gas tank : Handmade – Zat Besi Custom Works
Seat : Handmade – Zat Besi Custom Works
Rear Fender : Handmade – Zat Besi Custom Works
Exhaust : Handmade – Zat Besi Custom Works
Handlebar : Handmade – Zat Besi Custom Works
Wheel Rim : Modification : Front : R21, Rear : R15
Tires : Pirelli
Headlight : Custom
Fork Depan : Handmade – Zat Besi Custom Works
Builder : Didik ZB – Zat Besi Custom Works
Painting : Ndaru Lucky – Zat Besi Custom Works
Thanks to : Team at Zat Besi Custom Works to helping me out and giving me some ideas for build my bike.

Regard, Kartiko Tengkoraksia


Jember, East Java, Indonesia