it’s not the 70’s anymore

Write about your XS650.: This is a 650 that I built last year for a customer down in Portland OR.
As with most of the bikes I deal with…it was an absolute mess when I got it, and after tons of mods, and the usual headaches that go along with any build The bike ended up looking just the way the customer wanted. The NOS Carlise tires were a real score for this build.


I got them at an estate sale…I just wish the guy would have ahd more of them. You just can not find these tires any more. They were super abundant in the 70’s…problem is it’s not the 70’s anymore. On this bike I used a ’72 Itallian Harley 250 scrambler tank (the AMF era Harley’s) and it just fits the bike great.

The bike has no paint…it’s all powder coated (or ceramic coated for the cocktail shaker exhaust) matte black. Just a few chrome highlight pieces here & there.

All-in-all I am quite pleased with the outcome, and look forward to my next build. Anyone interested in having a bike built…or needing work done to their existing bike…feel free to contact me about it.

(425) 823-4374