Gordon – Well inspired by the fact that i could still ride two wheels after building a trike from my old  MKV Moto Guzzi  ( My first Moto_bility vehicle) my friends decided to give me  a couple of frames and boxes and boxes and boxes of bitswell the price was so small hence i call it Give. so we set too and built a XS650 B motor in a xs 650 SF frame.but they are purists and didn’t like the way i was modifying it but hell it happened anyway and still is.

Upon reading a British Classic bike magazine which stated and XS650 as ” the bulletproof Bonnie” i had to  laugh and call my bike the Gorton 650 Comandgo. If the poms can name it a bonnir i can call it a gorton i figured it fools so many people they come up to me and say wow that’s a rare norton etc. So next step is to weld up the Y and M on the engine cover and mill in H and H so it says HAHAHA.

Well ya gotta have a sense of humour in this world or you will go nuts so here it is The Gorton.