Write about your XS650.:  I’ve built a few 650’s over the past several years, and this one is my latest bike. I’ve had a tendancy to name my bikes, and this one ended up being called THE CROW.
It is a ’79 with an ’80 CDI engine in it. I used a 1965 Triumph Tiger tank on this bike.
As with all of my bikes everything was completely dismantled & after numerous frame modifications I have everything powder coated. I re-use what parts I can but for the most part all the neccessary stuff is new like cables, and pads & all that stuff.noid-the_crow_0011



It runs real strong, and seems to enjoy being pitched sideways in large parking lots.
This bike is for sale now because there’s another 650 waiting in the wings.
It is titled & tabbed in my name.
Anyone interested in this bike can contact me via e-mail or by phone
(425) 823-4374