The 83 Idle Hands Brat -1 2014

Nate K – It all started when I traded some guitar gear for this 83 XS650 in the beginning of 2014. It had been sitting outside near a shed at a friends place for around a year. It was a project that never was finished and left to sit. I traded without doing much investigation on the bike so I didn’t know if it had good compression, bad internals, locked up carbs, or even a bend frame but my buddy is a good guy and said it was legit. Turned out he was right! We wanted to build this on a VERY tight budget to show guys out there that it is possible to be frugal and still end up with a daily rider that is a tad flashy and still tasteful for under $3k.

-2 2014 -5 2014

Here’s what all we did to ‘er:

-Visual Impact brat kit 
-Bronze swing arm bushings, tapered neck bearing kit 
-swapped the wheels with older standard 16/19 spokes (had HS wheels) 
-swapped the BS34 original carbs with a set of linked 1976 BS38s and Uni Pods 
-VooDoo Vintage bars 
-73 TX650 grips and compression release lever used as electric start 
-Simple wiring with Lithium Iron battery 
-Narrowed peanut high tunnel tank 
-Old trailer fender mounted to swing arm 
-1 off sissy bar powder coated 
-Biltwell tuck and roll seat 
-70’s sporty headlight w/hood 
-Mad eggplant and twilight sky flake paint with true white and pearl stripes.


All work done by myself and my buddy Lux both in photos by me

xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana