brett allan mofo 1

I picked up this donor bike around 3 years ago and left it sitting in the garage for a year until I made up my mind what direction I was going to go with the build.

After some research and looking at other guys projects for ideas, I then got down to business. I started with building the frame jig and then it was full throttle ahead.Everything was built in my garage with basic hand tools.

I bent the frame tubes with a blow torch after filling the tubes with sand. It took a while to match the left side with the right but it came out good. I managed to pick up a small home lathe for a good price so that helped with the axles, cone nuts and other odds and end.

I live in South Africa so we are limited to parts, so I had to pretty much make everything, from the hammer to pound the tank and the sand bag to pound on. The springer front end took around two months to complete and it came out good for a first attempt.Yet to see if the spring ratios are correct .

It was just a thumb suck at what I thought would work. All the welds have been cleaned up for that smooth frame look. The frame is stretched by 4 inches at the back and 2 in front and I’m running a 38-deg rake on the forks.

There’s not too much left to do before I get to take this bike on its maiden journey before stripping again for paint and chrome. It still needs a battery box, wiring and relay box, the wiring will go in the frame. Foot pegs, exhausts and lights, then its there.

Submitted by Brett Allan

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