My 79 xs. After  months of searching and saving i finally picked one up.
In Alberta(Canada) they aren’t as easy or cheap to find.  Drove 2 hrs on a sun night to get her. And as soon as i got it i swear half a dozen popped up for sale.(One of which i bought, it’s almost too mint to touch ;))Then with my canadian tire grinder and tools i  started to take off  the items i didn’t want on like, passenger pegs, fenders , signal lights and most important, that sick ass seat.


I picked up some 10″ rebel shocks, made a make shift seat pan until i can cut, shorten and re-weld the seat loop. i kinda like the look just want it shorter. i also put on a set of bars from my 2004 z1000. working on getting some clip ons, hopefully an old  honda cl 175 tank (anyone have one?) other than that it should keep me busy for a few evenings. Then when all is good ,strip her down, rebuild the motor, (attempt to)rewire it  and put a cream coat on it.  i love this thing!And this site!  any suggestions for the bike???

chris newman