The StreetCHOPPER project kicked off about 6 months ago when a friend offered up a Big Twin Evo rigid frame. I always wanted to build a rigid with sport bike influences. A spare XS motor was waiting for a home in the corner of the shop. For giggles we set the motor in the frame and were surprised at how well it actually fit. Quickly, a set of forks and wheels and a tank where thrown at it to get an idea of the stance and immediately we realized the potential for this project. It was just going to need a little tweaking to make everything work.

The frame was built with +3 up, +3 out stretch and 38 degrees rake. The geometry was a little bit too far out there to work with modern suspension. The neck was cut loose and re-positioned at 27 degrees. This brought the front end back in line for more usable steering characteristics. Front end was donated from a 2000 Yamaha R1 with Vortex Top tree and Clip ons. Rear wheel and brakes came from a 94 Kawi ZX7. Surprisingly it bolted into the frame without having to re align any spacers. The axle plates where machined to fit the larger 1″ axle and a brake tab was fabed to hold the caliper.


Obviously the HD motor mounts were not going to work. They were all removed and new mounts were fabed to mate the XS engine into the HD style frame. Our XS650 5/8″ offset sprocket was developed to line up with the 5.5″ rear wheel. Mid set mounts were fabed to hold EX500 foot controls. Currently, the engine is all stock. It’s an 80 lump with the TCI, stock carbs and cut down stock pipes. Wiring harness has been minimalised for start, ignition and lights only. Bike is kick and electric start. She’s still a work in progress. Last on the punch list is Lights, seat,  finish up the exhaust and paint. Hoping for the first test ride soon.