Chris – This project started as a 1982 XS650 Heritage Special, basically the only thing retained was the frame neck and front lower half of the frame, along with the engine of-course. This is a one off frame designed and built by us requiring hours of rolling and bending tubing to decide on the final look of the bike. The seat’s suspension system was also made from scratch along with almost everything else on this bike (also all done in-house).

We used a girder front end from “Spitfire Motorcycles” which required modifying the neck and adding our own brake mounts and machining custom wheel spacers from billet aluminum. Stock (rebuilt) XS calipers were used and the caliper mounts were cut and machined to fit in there new locations. Racing style rearsets were made to fit with hand made linkage and adapter plates, and rear master cylinder mount incorporated into the rearset.

We designed and made a 2 into 1 aluminum intake that works flawlessly, We hand made the fuel tanks to match the curve of the frame, and then mounted the tanks with no visible external mounts. After fitting the Pandemonium exhaust, we realized we needed to make some heat shields.. so i found an old Sportster exhaust lying around and decided to hack it up. Worked out great!

Had a friend do some leather tooling on the seat, and then we decided to make our own leather grips and battery bag. Although this bike doesn’t need a battery, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to put a small lithium battery in the bag.

The Bike has a PMA system with Sparx Capacitor, a Boyer ignition, a hydraulic clutch system, radial master cylinders on both the clutch and front brake. High performance engine and clutch parts throughout.

Everything aside from the engine is powdercoat – Bronze, Copper and Cream. Hence the name “Stout 33” The color scheme was a pint of dark beer. This was meant to go fast, stop fast, sound great and resemble a 1920’s style boardtracker. It may not be everybody’s style, but then again… nothing is.

Complete build videos and pics are located on our website and our YouTube channel.

Chris Chappell