-2 2014

Root – I’m no pro, just a regular dude who wanted to build a bike so I figured it out.
I picked up this 82′ Special when my brother in Idaho spotted it for me after my SoCal search proved that the XS is Cali Gold. I loaded her up into my truck and headed home to build a chopper my Pop & Brother would be proud of. I started with the motor. Installing a Pamco Ignition, Hugh’s Handbuild High Output Stator, Sparx Capacitor and a top end refresh. Ordered a Visual Impact Brat Kit and modified it a bit to suit my taste.

-5 2014 -6 2014

Found a sweet Wassell Tank that got me the look I wanted, which was level to the top of the motor, low on the backbone. I went to Hugh’s once again for the lowering spacers he engineered, nice little parts, great dude to talk with about all things motorcycle. Chopped some bars down from an old KZ I had done a Cafe’ build on.

-1 2014 -4 2014

Made rear fender stays from a fender I picked up from Lowbrow Customs as well as a sissy bar alternate that I can bolt on in the same way as the stays. Haven’t decided yet which to use. Grips are brass but will be wrapped soon with hockey tape for better grip. Cut a seat pan out of some steel and Viola! All in all I like the ride’s look and feel. I have yet to get the coctail shakers welded up, wrap the headers & squirt some paint over the whole lot.