Bryce – It took just over a year from the time i purchased the bike. My brother in law first showed me the xs650 over two years ago, i was hooked. Before i knew it every time i was on the internet i was looking at or I started to envision what i wanted in my 650. Once i decided i was serious about getting started i then turned to craigslist and other various sites searching for a basketcase i could pick up for cheap. My brother in law (the one who got me started) found a 74 tx 650 in fort Collins. 500 bucks and i was on my way.

When i picked her up she was in shambles, missing parts, and in pieces. At first i was overwhelmed, but thanks to my brother and brother in law i was able to get all the help i needed to finish the bike. I owe the most of the credit on this bike to my brother law, he basically talked me into the red color and the pinstriped wheels.

I know its just another sporty tank but i honestly love the way it turned out. Its my first build and i’m sure it wont be my last. I already have my next build planned out in my head. Its about 95% done need a few odds and ends which i will update.

Total project so far came in just under 2000 with the purchase of the bike. Everything was done on a very tight budget. Thanks to my brother in law for giving me a new obsession and thanks to the wife for letting me spend every extra dollar on this bike.

Bryce Twitchell