This is my first chopper build. I love the simplicity of the XS 650 twin, and am tired of overpriced shopping cart bling bling TV show bikes. You know what I mean. ( BIG thanks to The Horse mag) Got this one for $700 and an hour later half of it was in the dumpster.


The next day, the frame was cut and the back half was on its’ way from TC Bros. The stock wheels were blasted and painted black. Got the tank for FREE from a guy with a CFL who didn’t like the shape. (I can live with green flames) For free, it’s for me. Gonna paint the rest black and polish the aluminum. JCwhitney drag bars, ebay pegs and risers. Plans are for mid controls and a spring solo seat. Made the pipes from some J-bends from Summit and parts of the original pipes. Will wrap later. Still in the air about the sissy bar. Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking and thanks to everyone who contributes to this site, it’s a great place for info and ideas.  I’ll post more as it goes along.