New T-shirts finally came yesterday..


The new T-shirts came in yesterday and I’m super stoked at how they turned out.  The print quality came out excellent and the T-shirt fit is perfect. I buy a lot of black T-shirts and only about a quarter of them actually fit good.  I’m glad I decided to go with premium quality Tees.  The lettering on the shirt graphic was based off Derek from Mulligan machines earlier logo he did for the site. (Thanks Derek) I enlisted the help of Dwight a pro-Illustrator & Graphic Designer from Canada. I really dig Dwight’s style and he really understood what I was going for with the design. Check out his lowbrow illustrations on his blog. I gave Dwight the general idea of the illustration I had in mind and after a few tweaks to his sketches it was perfect. What do you guys think? Let me know by buying one or two! I’ve had guys e-mail and offer to make a donation to the site (which I appreciate) but I thought I’d give capitalism a try first.  So, support capitalism, support the project and get a sweet shirt. I think that’s a pretty good deal.
Click here to order your shirt.


Click here to order your shirt.

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