jaap-xs-650-purpleWhen i got my bike it was a big mess. All of the electrical wiring was duck taped to the frame. Even the regulator and rectifier were taped with aluminum tape to the fender.

So the first day I had the bike I already stripped it. And then it all started.

The bike already had the wide triple tree’s so the first thing I bought was a rear wheel.

I like the fat tire in the front. To get it all centered I machined a couple of spacers on a lathe. The tire size for the front and rear are now equal.

Then came the handlebar. I wanted a small apehager, but in a different style than usual. Then I saw the piston rods of an XS and saw my mini ape in it. I made some bishing for it and press fitted them together. I made some weld to strengthen it all. The buttons on the handlebar are also made by my self. There is also a led strip in it for the turn signal.

The tank is from a Honda Rebel and needed a lot of modification. I made a plate between the frame so the tank looks like it is wrapped around the frame.

The seatpan is made by me and upholstered bj Great job.


The rear fender is from a Harley. I made the mounting bracked in site the fender for a clean look.

The rear swingarm is of a Suzuki GSX 1100. I wanted a longer rear end because i didn’t like the way that the rear wheel was positioned. After a lot of modifications,  I got it to fit. It was not only longer it was also wider. So i needed to make new spacers to align the wheel. The suspension needed new brackets on the swingarm and i needed to modify the frame a little to get a good position for the suspension.


I like the 70 style so the fishtail exhaust had to come on.


Also the paint needed to be in the 70 style. Heavy metal flakes with skills are alway cool. To ad an extra feater i asked my painter to paint some eyes on the inside of the rearfender so when you drive behind me you will be watched. It is painted by Baron Airbrush Jack Swijhuisen.

Great Job


Thanks for reading it was a blast to built.

Kind regards

Jaap Bouma