R Rule-xs

no time, little cash, and alot of help
Hey my name is Russ and this is The Lucky Maria. Put this bike together on needed luck, no time, little cash, and alot of help. It was built for a show called the Dirt Bag Challenge, held in San Francisco, which is a low budget chopper build off. The requirements are 1 month to build, and 1000 dollar limit.

R Rule xs650 chopper
It was the first real project me and my father put together and we both were very well impressed with the final product. We had a few things donated by frineds and we even got some help from the good people at Ardcore! (Thanx again guys).

I drove from my home town in Sacramento to San Francisco every weekend and slammed out as much as we could for the 4 weekends we had.  Went smooth for the most part until we hit the wiring but we eventually got that worked out.

D-day came around and rode with the other dirt bags, about 20 in total. Partied at the end of the ride with plenty of food, beer, and smoky rubber clouds. Ended up winning the prettiest chopper award.

R Rule xs650 chopper2
This build was my first build, my first bike, and my first show that i competed in and won. Still have a few more things to do to it untill i can say im done with it but its an absolute blast and can’t wait to build one for the next Dirt Bag.

R Rule