Hey man, Been awhile, still checking your site regularly, some great stuff ! Work on my next project is slow, simply cannot find the time, but as winter is kicking in at the moment i`ve made some progress, just wanted to let you know.

I got me the basic parts, just to get started, frame, engine and wheels.
Wanted to run a mag wheel in the rear to fit a disc brake, still gotta fine me a nice caliper, might be something like a 4 caliper thingie since i plan on using to run a spoolhubbed front wheel.
Ordered a gas tank wich i intend to drop over the frame, in the right line and on the right height.
Picked up a engine the other day, now i can start to mock-up the basic parts and fabricate the rear section of the frame.

Intend on using shocks instead of a hardtailed rear-end, running a spoolhubbed front wheel and only using a rear brake seemed more logical, safer for that matter.
Soon i`ll be fitting wheels, determine ride height and finish the frame.
Intend on using only 1 carb, gotta fab me an intake for that, as well as making the headers, wich will be wrapped around the engine to end up pointing downwards just behind the rear down tube of the frame.
From the moment i started with this project i`m still wondering about paint, it`ll work out.

Still ot my old bike, ride it from time to time, pulled the engine since it was consuming some oil.
Since the bike was sitting there i used it for constructing some new parts, like handle bars and to see how my ideas would work out.


Now in the process of shaving some parts, getting them ready for the complete mock-up.
i`ll be in touch whenever i make progress. Oh, the old green bike is still for sale, don`t mind that, i take it to shows and ride it whenever weather is good enough.

Limpe Iven