This bike was built by motorcycle warehouse in nj. There are some pics of the bike on the site but here are some updated ones. I never owned a rigid before and I love it, as well as the yamaha powerplant.  The day I bought it, it down poured 5 minutes in to my hour journey back home.

The continentals handled surprisingly well on the wet road. My eyes on the other hand couldn’t see shit. I had a borrowed brain bucket on and glasses that just werent cutting it. between the water from the sky and the rooster tail spraying off my front tire…..lets just say it was an interesting ride.img_06111

But hey i wouldnt have it any other way. About a 1/2 hour into the ride the rain led up and I was able to air dry as well as the bike, it was a good feeling.  after getting back to town I pulled up front and I felt the free play of the shifter lever under my foot.



The shifter bracket that was customized had cracked in half leaving my forward control impotent(nothing a little welding cant fix). I grabbed a vise grip wrench, took off the forward control and bracket and ripped it around the neighborhood with the wrench acting as my new shifter.


I know thats nothing like a suicide shift but I have much respect for the riders who use that setup on the daily. Foot clutch is a hole different animal. Maybe one day, but for now swapped the ape hangers for a pair of superbike style bars. Still have to get the petcock from pissing gas on the carbs, but doesn’t leak too much as long as you don’t stop.

a\A few more kinks to work out other than that. And maybe some spoke rims. haven’t weighed it out. I do like the rear disc. that’s that for now. The next one is definitely going to be a garage build. Thanks for looking.