This is one of the latest XS creations that I’ve rolled out of my shop. It started as a stock neck and back bone and then took in a mind of its own.

The frame was built here in house and it is a zero stretch frame with a single down tube up front.


The motor has been cleaned up, tuned up and made proper with an HHB PMA and a Pamco. The wheels are HD, 23” LED Sled Invader up front and a 16” solid rim in the back.


The brakes are from a sport bike and the dual caliper set up was made to make hand shifting a little easier. The hand lever operates a remote master cylinder which operates one of the calipers.

The other caliper is operated by foot. All of the bolt on’s from the narrowed rigid front end, to the electronics tank, bars and controls were all built here in house.

All of the black, minus the tins has been powder coated.


The tins were done by a good friend and JSC painter. The pipes are ceramic coated and anything else that is shiny is polished aluminum or stainless.

This bike was a blast to build and it’s been fun taking it around and showing it off.


Huge thanks to my wife Kait, my friends and shop partners Jim & Brian. Big thanks to Hugh from HHB and Dan from Pandemonium for the inspiration and friendships. Last but definitely not least, thank you to all of my awesome customers who support JumpStreet and allow me to do things like this!