They throw these away around here. I rescued this 75 XS650 from my local scrap collector on it’s way to the Shredder. It’s dinged up from being thrown around and had some parts missing, like tank, seat, throttle & coils. So far I’ve pieced it back together with used parts laying around my shop.

The only thing new is the seat. It’s a BELL and only cost $25.00. It has 16K mi. with good compression, so I’m thinkin’ it should run a long time. I hot wired it to a couple SBC Chevy coils and it fired right up. This is the basic look I’m going for. It’s roughed in and needs finish welded, wired, and plumbed.


I’ve never built a hardtail or Jocky shift bike, so I thought I’d do it on this one. Since I got almost nothing in it, if I don’t like it, I’ll sell it and do something else.

I should have it lookin’ and runnin’ good by Spring. I’ll post some pics when it’s finished.