Just ordered a brand-new motorcycle, but don’t know how are motorcycles shipped from the factory? Our article is here to discuss exactly this matter today. There are many ways in which your motorcycle can be delivered.

You want to find the most efficient way to get your motorcycle shipped, so we will be looking at a wide variety of options.

Also, your motorcycle is probably a worthy investment for you, so it’s normal for you to be curious about how it will reach your doorstep and will it be at any risk for damage.

Is it Possible to Deliver Motorcycles or Do You Have to Drive Them Home?

The answer to this question is quite obvious and one that you already know. Obviously, motorcycles can be delivered. There are multiple ways the manufacturer may do that, and you may have liberty over choosing the delivery option.

Factories deliver motorcycles to dealerships because you don’t usually see people coming to a motorcycle assembly factory to buy their new bikes.

Dealerships will directly deliver your motorcycle to anywhere you want within a specific radius. Sometimes, they might even agree to deliver your motorcycle to a different town.

How Are Motorcycles Shipped from Factory?

If you order your motorcycle online, directly from the manufacturer’s website then you will be dealing directly with the factory. There you will get a few options for delivery.

However, not all of them will apply to everyone because of different factors, one of the major factors being the distance from the factory.

Drive It from the Factory to Your Place

In the rare case, when the factory is relatively close to where you live, you may go there, pick up the motorcycle, and then drive it home. For this, you need to ensure that the new motorcycle is ready to run, and is filled up with fuel.

This would probably be the cheapest way you can get your motorcycle delivered, but then again it’s very unlikely that the situation will favor you so much that the factory will be a short distance from your home.

Flatbed Trailer

For those of you who are getting your motorcycle shipped from the same town or state, one of the most common ways in which you may get it shipped is by a flatbed trailer.

The motorcycle is secured properly to the flatbed so it doesn’t fall off the trailer when the trailer is being driven. Since shipping companies will be handling these things, you don’t have to worry about your motorcycle not being secured properly to the trailer.

Our only caveat with this method of shipping is that the trailer is usually open, so the motorcycle is exposed to the outside. Thus, this shipping option is not the safest in our opinion, but it isn’t that risky either.

Use a Pickup Truck

Most shipping companies will not be using a pickup truck to ship your motorcycle because it isn’t the best and most convenient way of shipping. However, if you’re looking to avoid the shipping charges, you might use your pickup truck or rent one to ship your motorcycle from the factory.

Just as for the flatbed trailer, you will also have to ensure that the motorcycle is secured in place in your pickup truck. To begin, you will have to use a ramp to get it up to your truck. Then, you will have to make sure that it is set in place and won’t be falling off when you drive your truck.

Box Trucks

This method is quite similar to the pickup truck, but it is a much safer option. If you are doing this by yourself then you have to rent a box truck which will cost you more, but it’s worth it.

Since box trucks are enclosed, your motorcycle will receive more protection from the outside, and the chances of it falling on the road will be 0, unlike in the flatbed trailer. Just ensure that the motorcycle is secured inside, so it doesn’t hit the walls of the container and get scratches or dents.

Large Enclosed Transport Containers

If you are getting your motorcycle shipped internationally or from another state, then it might be delivered by a ship. So, in such a case, your motorcycle will be put inside a large enclosed transport container, and arrangements will be made so that the motorcycle doesn’t fall inside the container.

This approach is quite safe if the shipping company is reliable and handles their containers with care while picking them up and dropping them off.

Specialized Trailers with Cranes

Loading and unloading motorcycles safely off a delivery vehicle can be a challenge. Hence, a lot of shipping companies have started using these specialized trailers with cranes for ease.

Considering all factors, we would say that this is the best on-wheels delivery option for motorcycles. The crane on the back of this trailer is very sturdy, will hold on to the motorcycle all the time, and will safely get it unloaded. Using this vehicle also means there is going to be a lot less work for the delivery man.

Cost of Shipping Motorcycles

Many factors contribute to how much the cost of shipping will be for your motorcycle. Hence, we can’t give an accurate estimation of the cost. So, we are going to go over the estimations based on the distance from the factory and the type of delivery.

If you’re driving it from the factory, well then, you’ll just have to pay for the very cheap fuel. For those of you who are getting your motorcycle shipped within a 1,000 miles radius, you will probably be paying anything from $200 to $300 on average. This may differ depending on how the motorcycle is shipped.

When the shipping distance is greater than 1,000 miles and is within your country, then the cost can go up to $700 or more at times. International shipping can be very expensive and may sometimes even be a fraction of the price of the motorcycle. You could easily be paying over $1000 if you’re getting your motorcycle shipped internationally.


Shipping your motorcycle is no matter of concern, so don’t stress over it at all. We hope we were able to satiate your curiosity about how are motorcycles shipped from factory with this article.

There are many reliable shipping companies out there, so we would recommend you to get your motorcycle shipped by them instead of doing it yourself. You’ll have to pay for shipping, but it’s better than taking the risk of getting your prized motorcycle damaged!

shipped from factory? Stay tuned then because we’ll be discussing the best and most common ways of shipping motorcycles!