home built budget xs650Hey everyone. Wanted to add some more pics as the bike has changed a bit.


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Final $$ tally is just under $1100 as she sits. Still no paint, can’t decide what color to run with so I’m letting the “patina” grow.


I love it as is.


Will need a new battery for this upcoming season, wrap the pipes, and finish the lid on the electronics box I built but other than that she’s good to go!


A blast to ride and pretty dang comfy, the seat shock really soaks up the bumps and my butt floats down the road.


There’s a pic of my dad riding it to show the seating position.


My antique cigar box/electronics box vibrated apart even with rubber isolators, the metal was too thin.


Lost a good multi-tool on the road somewhere cuz of that.


Fabbed up a new electronics/battery box. Not as cool as the flea market find cigar box, but a whole lot stronger.


Added a pic of my frame jig.


Still working on finishing it up but really happy with how it’s turning out.


By Griz


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