XS1/2 build

Jason – Almost finished with a little XS1/2 build, just a few finishing touches to go. The build started with a seized barn find XS2 and an unfinished XS1 chopped up horribly and unfinished (frame and motor only).  Pulled the XS2 engine out for boring and started on the frame and tin.  My plan was to build a unique bike that’s design was more of a late 40’s-50’s look than 60’s-70’s, and ultimately a bike that well, looked old and a bit rough around the edges.

Tail loop was cut back as was the rear fender.  I decided on a using a Hodaka Ace tank and fabbed up some top motor mounts as well as a front “shielded” coil mount.  The seat pan and skin is homemade as well, with sewn 3.5oz hide (thank you home ec class)

The chopper engine was originally planned as a parts donor motor.  But it’s funny how just being bored and toying around with getting spark lead to it being a very strong running engine, and ultimately being used.  Threw some carbs and pipes on and it was good to go.

As for electrics, I built a rectifier from radio shack components and mounted it with a sizable heat sink underneath the seat.  Trimmed the taillight housing and an old HD headlight. The battery is actually in plain view, in a way…I’m using a micro sized battery hidden in an antique tobacco tin mounted to the rear fender.  Luckily it’s a one kick bike.

There’s a few more touches to be done, leather straps for the “battery case”, Master cylinder work, emblems for the tank, and a few more brass accents here and there, but overall I’d say it’s about 97% done.

Unfortunately the next project (Board Track XS) has taken most of my attention lately.  But I’m sure I’ll get a little bug to finish it up completely soon enough.

Jason Audette