XS from Germany

Cheers M.Peters – Hello from Germany! Here is the story, as far as I can remember 😉 I started with the original frame that a good friend gave to me. He wanted to built the “typical” chopper but nerver started the Project. So he gave it to me. At first I only wanted to built some Parts and Prototypes for friends and If I start my Business in 2012 for customers.

In Spring 2010 friends ask me again and again If I would built a new Bike for the  Show “Custombike 2010”. Then I had the chance to buy a Fork and Shocks for very cheap. So I started the whole Project.


I mounted the fork and the shocks with selfmade mountings and a bit of work on the Frame. Then I cut the back of the frame and all the useless mountings for the main stand and things like that. Fortunately, I had some Harley rims in my Shed so I could try out the setups. After a hours of trying a used a 17×4,5″ on a Shovel Hub in the rear und 21×2,5″ on a 1974 XL/FX Hub in the Front. I have to use the front hub because of the very small fork.  I had no chance to put a shovel singleflange in it without a huge caliper mounting. The rims are rebuilt with stainless steel Spokes. Stainless break discs and Brembo calipers.

xs650-chop-(17) Fotoshooting

In the Front I used a one Side piston caliper. If I had used a caliper with both side pistons the break disc would have a distance from to hub about 2inch – that’s crap and wouldn’t work.

xs650-chop-(19) Fotoshooting

After this I bought a engine and rebuilt it completly. I did some work on the head and mounted a RD350 Alternator.  I turned a whole set stainlessteel Screws. The engine is “Glassbead blasted” ( right translation? .. I need a beer)

xs650-chop-(1) So kam es an

Ok –  it goes on.  After that I built the handlebars and did the CAD drawings for the levers forward-controls, Grips, axes, Foot Pegs and Exhaust trumpet Ends. I made the tank, fender, Ebox and all the little Adapters and mountings. The rear Sproket is lasered out of steel because i couldn’t find a 38tooth für Shovel.


The Exhaust is made out of a lot of Stainless steel pieces and has a silencer in it.


After I had the all the Parts from the “laser man” back in my Shed, I polished everything including the fork and send the levers and forwards to be chromed. After all, I wish I would have let them made out of stainless steel…  but oh well. The Paint Job did a good friend Schrammwerk and the leather seat is made by a good friend Crazy.G Then I started to put all together. Mounted Continental Custom Tires and MMB made me a Special Speedometer. I made a special gauge in a MMB Housing. I mounted Kellermann indicators “rhombus dark” with integrated rear-light.


To my shame I must confess, after I put all together I rode only 6miles than the alternator broke.
Since that, I haven’t had the time to change the alternator. But it runs very smoothly and straight. Love that 21″ rim. But with the exhaust I shouldn’t ride in shorts. The whole built with waiting for parts takes about 8 Month. But I only worked from 03:00 pm till evening or night.

Ok that’s the story. Normally I forget somethings … If you want any details or somethings not clear please ask me.  – Paint by Schrammwerk. – Seat made by Crazy.G

Cheers M.Peters